Final Fantasy XV A Better Engine Blade Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Engine Blade Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Engine Blade Side Quest Walkthrough
A Rusted Bit location in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV A Better Engine Blade is a side-quest you can play in Hammerhead, the moment you complete the video game’s Prologue.

As you approach Hammerhead, during the main quest named The Pauper Prince, you will be introduced to Cindy and her grandfather Cid.

While Cindy will take care of your car, Cid is responsible for delivering better weapons by upgrading those you already have, or those you will find during your adventures.

In Final Fantasy XV, Cid’s quest-line includes a total of 15 side-quests, all of them being covered by our complete FFXV walkthrough.

The said questline starts with A Better Engine Blade, which is a side quest available from the start. Before moving forward with this side-quest; however, there are several things you should know about Cid, the weapons he will upgrade for you, and the items you need to find in order to upgrade the said weapons.

First of all, you should know that most of Cid’s side-quests can be started immediately, but some of them can’t be completed until later in the game.

Additionally, you have to be aware, that for each upgrade, Cid will ask for specific materials which are considered treasures.

Selling them, will eventually result in getting stuck with specific side-quests. To avoid this, make sure you don’t sell the materials from your inventory if you don’t know what they are used for.

Third, and the most important aspect refers to the time Cid needs to upgrade the weapons for Noctis.

After you hand over a weapon and the item required to upgrade it, Cid will tell you that he needs time to complete it. To get your upgraded weapon, all you have to do is to complete a specific number of hunting quests or side quests, then rest.

Follow our walkthroughs and you will get all FFXV weapons from Cid in no time.

Last, but not least, multiple players complained on our YouTube channel about getting stuck with Cid’s side-quests, even if they gave him the weapons and materials required to upgrade them. The solution to this problem is quite simple if you consider the fact that Cid can upgrade only one weapon at a time.

For example, if you start A Better Auto Crossbow side-quest and hand over all materials and the weapon to Cid, you need to finish 2 hunts or side-quests in order to pick up the weapon from Cid. If during this side-quest you also hand over the materials for A Better Force Stealer, Cid will start working on this weapon but he will not give it to you, unless you pick-up the crossbow first.

Now, that you know how these side-quests work, let’s see how you can get A Better Engine Blade in Final Fantasy XV.

To begin this quest, talk to Cid in Hammerhead the moment you arrive. Since you already have the weapon you want to upgrade, you will be sent to find the required material.

Objective: Find a Rusted Bit for Cid

If you start this quest later in the game, you might want to check your inventory first and see if you didn’t pick up a Rusted Bit while exploring the world. For this walkthrough, we will assume that you don’t have one, or that you sold it.

The Rusted Bit is a common collectible, and you will find more than one during your adventures, but if you wish to know a specific location, head to Galdin Quay (the location you discover while playing The Errand Prince).

Notice the blue and white pole at the end of the pier, very close to Dino (A Gentlemen’s Agreement main quest).

Pick up the sparkling item at the bottom of the said pole and you will see that it’s a Rusted Bit.

Objective: Give the Rusted Bit to Cid

Now, travel back to Cid in Hammerhead and give him the Rusted Bit. Make sure that Noctis doesn’t have the Engine Blade equipped.

The moment you give Cid the weapon and the Rusted Bit, the quest ends and you will receive the Engine Blade II.

A Better Engine Blade Quest Info

Description: “A master mechanic, Cid can modify mechanized weapons to unleash their full potential. If Noctis can obtain a rusted bit, Cid will upgrade the Engine Blade.”

Client: Cid

EXP: 500

Reward: Engine Blade II x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Ever Gleaming Regalia side-quest.

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