Final Fantasy XV A Better Engine Blade II Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Engine Blade II Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Engine Blade II Side Quest Walkthrough

A Glass Gemstone location in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV A Better Engine Blade II is a side-quest that can be triggered by talking to Cid in Hammerhead.

To be able to play this side quest you have to complete A Better Engine Blade, because at the end of the said quest you will receive the Engine Blade II for Noctis.

Cid needs the Engine Blade II so he can upgrade it and make it more powerful; however, he also needs a Glass Gemstone.

Since these are the only requirements for A Better Engine Blade II quest, you can start it the moment you finish A Better Engine Blade, but if you wish to find a Glass Gemstone without looking too much for it, you need to unlock Duscae area and reach Lestallum.

This means that you should undertake this side quest after Chapter 2, when Noctis and his friends will have to meet Iris in Lestallum (Burden of Expectation main quest).

Assuming you removed the blockades and you can visit Lestallum whenever you wish, go to Cid and start A Better Engine Blade II.

Objective: Find a Glass Gemstone for Cid

Once you talk to Cid and show him the Engine Blade II, he will tell you that he can further improve its stats if you bring him a Glass Gemstone.

To do so, travel to Lestallum, and from the parking lot follow the stairs up. Cross the street and look for a blue building on which you can see a small sign, and on it you can read Newfields.

If you take a closer look you can notice a vendor with a cart in front of the same building.

Go behind the vendor and look for a round table under the covered section of the blue building. On it, is a sparkling object which is in fact a Glass Gemstone.

The Glass Gemstone is also a common item and collectible in FFXV, meaning that you will find more than one while exploring the world.

Objective: Give the Glass Gemstone to Cid

Now that you have the item Cid needs, travel back to Hammerhead and give it to him.

At this point, Cid will tell you that he needs more time to upgrade your Engine Blade II. If you open your quest log you should the following green message: “Pass the time by undertaking quests and hunts.”

To speed up the process, all you have to do is to complete one hunting quest or one side-quest, then rest.

In the morning Cid will call you to pick up the Engine Blade III x 1, and the quest ends.

A Better Engine Blade II Quest Info

Description: “A master mechanic, Cid can modify mechanized weapons to unleash their full potential. If Noctis can obtain a glass gemstone, Cid will upgrade the Engine Blade II – but he might take a while.”

Client: Cid

EXP: 800

Reward: Engine Blade III x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete A Better Valiant side-quest.

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