Final Fantasy XV A Better Drillbreaker Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Drillbreaker Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Drillbreaker Side Quest Walkthrough

The Drillbreaker location in Final Fantasy XV

Similar to A Better Gravity Well, Final Fantasy XV A Better Drillbreaker side-quest allows you to unlock a new machinery for Prompto or Noctis, but unlike the first quest, your party’s level must be higher.

To trigger A Better Drillbreaker side-quest, you need to visit Formouth Garrison which is a very well protected Imperial Base in Leide.

As an advice, you should not attempt entering Formouth Garrison until you reach at least level 40, because the mechanized units are very powerful and they can wipe out your team in seconds.

The moment your level allows it, pay a visit to the Imperial troops in Formouth Garrison, and focus on finding the Drillbreaker.

You should find it in the northernmost area behind several containers, and near a small metal shed, on the ground, outside.

Pick up the red sparkling object (pictured above) and return to Cid in Hammerhead. When you talk to him, A Better Drillbreaker side-quest starts.

To complete it, you need to find a Magitek Core.

Objective: Find a Magitek Core for Cid

The Magitek Core in FFXV is a rare material early in the game, mainly because it is dropped by high-level units.

If you follow our walkthrough, the first thing you should do, is to check your inventory because the Magitek Cores are dropped by the MA-X Dux robots you encounter in Formouth Garrison.

They have a 100% drop rate, and since you fought them while looking for the Drillbreaker, there is a high chance to already have a Magitek Core in your bags.

In this case, all you have to do is to go back to Cid.

If you left the area and sold the Magitek Cores, then look for more when you play A King’s Struggle main-quest.

Objective: Give the Magitek Core to Cid

When you obtain the Magitek Core, if you give it to Cid, he will tell you that he needs the more time to upgrade the Drillbreaker for you.

At this point, simply complete two bounty hunts or two side quests, then rest.

In the morning, you should receive a phone call from Cid informing Noctis that the Drillbreaker Plus is ready.

A Better Drillbreaker Quest Info

Description: “A master mechanic, Cid can modify mechanized weapons to unleash their full potential. If Noctis can obtain a magitek core, Cid will upgrade the drillbreaker – but he might take a while.”

Client: Cid

EXP: 2,000

Reward: Drillbreaker Plus x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete A Better Absorb Shield side-quest.

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