Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight Guide

Dark Knights strive to occupy the proverbial middle ground betweenWarriors and Paladins, providing players with a balanced offering of mitigation and damage-dealing tools. This kind of job uses MP to perform actions so if you’re not careful, it can drain your mana in a hurry if not managed well. One of the perks of being a Dark Knight is that you can increase your offensive/defensive action by using a special ability that’s available only to this class.

Do you have what it takes to be a Dark Knight? Do you want to earn tons of FFXIV currency with this class? If you plan to harness the power of the Dark Arts, we’ll show you the ropes and show you what it means to have a class like Dark Knight.

Be warned: You’ll be spending more than just FFXIV Gil for this class!

General Overview of the Dark Knight Class

The Dark Knight is part of the tank class, meaning you have the duty of protecting your party. Usually referred to as the leader of the group, you will ultimately get to decide for your team when to attack, when to rest, and whento defend yourselves. Should you want to become a Dark Knight, there are requirements that you will need to fulfill first. First off, you must purchase the Heavenswardexpansion, attain level 50 on one job, and complete the entire “Vanilla” FFXIV storyline. It’s definitely a tall order, but Dark Knight is, after all a class that a beginner can’t really grasp in the first place, unlike other classes.

What is a Dark Knight?

A Dark Knight is a moderate HP tank that has good magical damage mitigation. It wields a Greatswordand its playstyle involves in heavy MP management, snappydecision-making, and meticulous micromanagement. Like all tank jobs in FFXIV, the Dark Knight involves some basic skill combos and an assortment of offensive and defensive abilities that you will need to weave into your rotation. What’s unique about the Dark Knight (DRK) is that its tank and damage stances are both active at the same time. While its damage output is less than that of a Warrior, it still manages to dish out more damage than a Paladin.

The Dark Arts & Blood Gauge

Dark Knights rely on both TP and MP, with their biggest damage coming from the use of the Dark Arts and the utilization of theBlood Gauge. Use of the Dark Arts consumes ¼ of their maximum MP and enhances the next ability they use. You can use this either for extra defense or for an offensive advantage. The Blood Gauge displays the amount of Blackblood a Dark Knight has accumulated. Blackblood, or more commonly referred to as simply “Blood”, is accumulated via several different means, including the execution of select weaponskills. You will need a minimum of 50 Blood to use any of the Blood-reliant job actions.

Skills & Abilities

The Dark Knight has an array of skills, and they all grow accordingly as you level up. For example, you start with the move Hard Slash when you’re level 1 that delivers an attack with a potency of 150. But as you level up, you’ll learn the move Power Slash at level 26 that delivers an attack with a combo potency of 300 and even has additional effects. Dark Knights also have weaponskills and buffs that will come later on in the game. Plus, they also have a move called “Living Dead” that makes it so they can’t fall below 1HP for 10 seconds. However, you will die if you aren’t healed for your max HP by a healer or by using a healing item before the 10 seconds are up.


The Dark Knight is a really fun job to learn and play. It can be a bit tricky to fully optimize your MP usage and Blood Gauge, but once you get used to it, you’ll have a lot of fun. However, if you’re just a beginner and without any FFXIV Gil or FFXIV currency to boot, we wouldn’t recommend you try it due to its high skillcap and instant level 30 start.

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