Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Prologue

The video game starts with an introductory movie, which presents several scenes from the previous game.

Those who did not play it can use the Beginner’s Primer from the main menu, and to read the story of Final Fantasy XIII.

The Beginner’s Primer features 13 chapters and 1 prologue, revealing the events that took place in FF XIII.

To begin the game, return to the main menu and select new game, then choose the level of difficulty: easy or normal.

Start the game and watch the cutscene showing Caius fighting against Lightning.

When Caius changes his form, make sure you are ready to fight him as Lightning.

If you wish, you can learn the battle basics by completing the tutorial. You will be able to learn the game’s commands, the ATB gauge, the abilities you can use, and how to queue them.

Keep in mind that you can always use the Auto-Battle command to set the optimal commands.

The first enemy you have to defeat in order to advance is a Chaos Bahamut.

How to defeat the Chaos Bahamut

If you wish to fight against the Chaos Bahamut by yourself, make sure you know Lightning’s abilities. For example: her Snipe ability deals a damage smaller than the Lightning Strike, but you can hit the Chaos Bahamut faster. This ability is useful as long as you know the game’s basics and you move fast.

You can always combine the Lightning Strike and the Snipe abilities, for increased damage, but don’t forget to keep an eye on Lightning’s health bar.

When the health drops under 15%, you should heal her by casting Ullr’s Shield.

The Chaos Bahamut is not as strong as it seems, but he is a great opponent to practice the commands you have learned.

Remember to mix your attacks and heal your character, and you will not have any problems in defeating the Chaos Bahamut.

When the Chaos Bahamut is defeated watch the small cutscene, but be prepared for a cinematic action.

Press the buttons that appear on your screen to complete it, and watch the following cutscene, but stay alert because another series of cinematic actions follows.

During your fight against Caius, make sure you block his attacks by tapping the corresponding buttons that appear on your screen.

When Caius falls in battle, a new cutscene starts and you will meet Noel Kreiss appearing in Valhalla. Unfortunately, he is not alone, and the fight against the Chaos Bahamut resumes.

This time, you can use new abilities, but the strategy remains unchanged. Deploy the Graviton Mines then follow the attack with series of Focused Bolts. If you lose health, cast War’s Benediction on Lightning.

Finish the Chaos Bahamut and watch the cutscene, which shows Lightning who asks you to find Serah. While the battle between Caius and Lightning continues, you reach the gate and leave Valhalla.

The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Prologue ends here, but get ready to start the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Episode 1.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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