Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 5 New Bodhum 00X AF

New Bodhum -00X AF– is the second area you have to visit while playing Episode 5 of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 5 New Bodhum 00X AF explains how to complete this zone in order to advance in the game, and how to find some of the hidden fragments while exploring this timeline.

Since this area is well known, because here we have started the game, we will not insist on exploration; however, we will guide you to the places you have to visit.

You have arrived in New Bodhum -00X AF-, after you have defeated Caius Ballad in The Void Beyond -??? AF-.

Serah wakes up on the beach, alone, since Noel vanished in the previous part.

If you open your Gate Matrix, you will notice that this area is called Hollow Seclusion ??? AF.

While standing on the beach move towards the Town Center and talk to Lebreau for a Live Trigger.

Also, talk to Yuj, Gadot and Maqui.

Now, go to NORA’s house, because someone is waiting for you.

When you exit to the Town Square, everyone disappears.

While facing the beach, go right and near two rocks, you will see a cube. Get the NORA Symbol.

Go to the pier and talk to Lightning for a Live Trigger. Make sure you answer with Yes to get the Paradox Ending and the Fate and Freedom Fragment.

Select Hollow Seclusion ??? AF  (Hollow Seclusion -Year Unknown-) after the cutscene, and you will return to New Bodhum -00X AF-.

Talk to Lightning again for a Live Trigger, but this time answer with No.

At this point, go east to the meteorite crash site, following the voice you hear.

Talk to Vanille and Fang who will open a portal for you.

Before leaving, look behind the space-time distortion for a cube, up on a ledge. It contains Fang’s Crown Fragment.

Pick it up then go left (N) to find another cube containing Vanille’s Fruit Fragment.

Approach the distortion and enter, to unlock a new Gate Matrix node: Dying World -700 AF-.

Select it as your next destination.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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