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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 5 A Dying World 700 AF

A Dying World 700 AF is the third area of the fifth Final Fantasy XIII-2 episode, and our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 5 A Dying World 700 AF explains how to finish it.

The fifth episode of the game, is known as Time in Motion, and it includes four main-zones that must be completed in order to advance in the game.

Our walkthrough continues the events presented in the previous part, named New Bodhum -00X AF-.

A Dying World -700 AF- begins as soon as you select the node from the Historia Crux.

You continue to play only as Serah, and you start your journey in the Beaten Path.

The first objective appears after the introductory cutscene.

Objective 1: Find Noel

To complete the first part of this objective, go west until you find Noel. He stands near the corpse of a monster.

After the cutscene, Noel runs away.

Now go back east and you will see Noel talking to Caius.

Approach Noel and Caius and talk to them. After the cutscene, Mog returns.

Go NE and follow the stairs up to find a sphere containing a Pain Dampener.

Return to the starting point and go south until you reach the Farseers’ Settlement.

Right near the entrance, is a hidden sphere, which also appears during the last cutscene. It contains the Map of A Dying World. From this location, go north to find Chocolina’s shadow. Send Moogle after her.

Continue south and pay attention to Moogle, because he will tell you when you are near Noel’s shadow.

Find Noel and watch the cutscene and the dialogue between him and Yeul.

Talk to Yeul again and you will receive your next objective.

Objective 2: Find Noel

Move south and follow Noel. He moves from one area to another, discussing with Caius. Eventually, Noel will have to fight Caius in order to receive the power of the Guardian. Get ready because this is your fight.

Objective 3: Defeat Caius Ballad

Before starting this boss fight, you should know that Caius has only 5.000 health points, which makes him a weak enemy.

Depending on how you developed Noel, you can choose your strategy. You can use Noel as a saboteur, and then as a ravager and finish Caius as a commando unit.

Noel’s role as a synergist can also help you; however in any of the cases above, do not forget to switch to sentinel when Caius attacks.

After you complete the battle, go south to the large area and then east near the walls, to find a sphere containing 1.500 Gil.

Next, go NE, near the buildings but pay attention to your right, for a set of iron stairs. Go up and loot the sphere to get the White Cape.

From this position, move north, but stay close to the buildings on your right. Look for a stone fence, and behind it, you will find a cube containing the ‘Promises’ Gate Seal .

Now, you should go north until you spot a large statue. Approach it and watch the cutscene.

After the cutscene, you will be teleported to a new section and you have to follow Noel.

Move west, then north, and then you will have to chase Noel. Go NW and continue to chase him until you enter the Sandy Highlands. Here , to your left you will find Chocolina.

Stop and purchase any items you need because a boss fight follows shortly.

When you are ready, continue west and you will see Noel. Get near him to start a cutscene.

Objective 4: Defeat Gogmagog

Unlike the Gogmagog you defeated in the first part of the game, this boss is more powerful. He will cast Crimson Flames, Writhe and Hellish Breath.

The last two spells are very powerful because Writhe removes al debuffs, while Hellish Breath allows Gogmagog to remove all debuffs and place them on your party.

Because of these two abilities, you must finish the battle as fast as you can. We have used the normal formations, RAV/RAV/RAV to stagger him, and COM/COM/COM to inflict more damage; however to protect our party, we decided to go with a SAB/MED/SEN formation.

Obviously, these roles must be played by the most advanced units you have.

After you defeat Gogmagog, complete the Live Trigger and get the Gogmagog Fragment Gamma, then pick up the Crystal Rose in the cube in front of you.

Your main objective changes again.

Objective 5: Return to the Farseer monument

At this point, you can follow Noel and finish this area, or you can grab additional goodies before leaving.

While standing on the ledge where you fought Gogmagog, jump down and you will enter The Dead Sands. Open your map and to the west, you will see an entrance looking like a hand with a finger pointing to the west. Go there and inside you will find a sphere containing the Obsidian Choker.

Exit this area  and go south, but stay near the right wall. Keep your eyes on Moogle and you will find a cube containing the Golden Chocobo.

From your current location, go east and follow Noel to the monument. Examine the relic and watch the cutscene.

Talk to Moogle and find the truth about Caius Ballad, and then enter the space-time distortion, to travel to New Bodhum -700 AF-, which is your next destination.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough
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