Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 3 The Archylte Steppe Year Unknown

The Archylte Steppe, or The Archylte Steppe ??? AF is the Final Fantasy XIII-2 zone that must be visited after Sunleth Waterscape -300 AF-, and our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Episode 3 The Archylte Steppe Year Unknown explains how to complete it.

The walkthrough covers the main-quest that must be solved in this area, and points out the areas of interest that should be visited by FF 13-2 players who have reached the third episode of the game.

Use the portal in Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF and travel to Archylte Steppe, a wild and luxurious place, filled with wild creatures and inhabited by a tribe of hunters, which must be found.

Watch the cutscene showing a Chocobo chased by a pack of ferocious beasts (Silver Lobos), similar to the wild wolves.

After the cutscene, you can open your map to see the first objective.

Objective 1: Speak with the hunters

After you get the objective, go north and you will reach the entrance to the Nomad Camp.

Enter the camp, and then reach the central area, by climbing the stairs located in the courtyard. When you reach the stairs look around for two spheres, one to the right and another one on the other side of the central platform.

Follow the next set of stairs up and talk to Tipur, the hunter. He will give you the Map of Steppe. Talk to him again, and he will give you a  quest. If you complete it, you will get the Goblin Fragment.

Objective 2: Defeat the Goblins

Check out the device near Tipur, and then open your map to locate the goblins.

Travel to the location marked on your map and you will be attacked by goblins. These creatures may be accompanied by a Chocobo. Try to finish the fight as soon as possible and the Chocobo will be added to your menagerie.

If you improve the Chocobo’s stats, you will notice that it is a very effective Commando unit.

After you get the Goblin Fragment,  your objective changes again. While in this area, open your map and you will see a small entrance on the right side. Go there and look up on a ledge. It is a floating sphere. Throw Moogle while standing near the ledge and he will bring the items inside the sphere.

Objective 3: Talk to the hunters

Go back to the Nomad Camp and talk to Tipur, who has another quest for you.

Objective 4: Help someone in need

While facing Tipur, turn around and follow the stairs down. To the right you will find Myta who wants you to harvest some wool.  Complete this quest, and you will get the Woolly Stone fragment.

Objective 5: Gather three types of wool

To complete this objective all you have to do is to exit the camp and find three large sheep. If you find a herd, interact with the largest sheep, and you will get the wool. Repeat this procedure three times and you will gather the wool required. Be careful because various monsters will attack you, including Silver Lobos.

Now, while exploring the plains, you may find a red statue, showing a man running. Approach it and take a closer look. You will be automatically teleported to the Nomad Camp, and you will receive a new fragment called the Crimson Crystal.

Talk to Myta to complete her quest and get your reward (the Wooly Stone Fragment), then open your map to see your next objective.

Objective 6: What’s causing the storm?

The answer to the question What’s causing the storm?, is given by the mechanism near Tipur. Follow the stairs up and examine it. Read the tutorial to learn about the Weather Controlling Device

Puzzle: The Weather Controlling Device

The device features two levers, one to the left and one to the right. To use it and to complete this riddle, or puzzle, you have to control the weather. This is how you can use the weather device:

-Left Lever Up and Right Lever Up changes the weather to cloudy

-Left Lever Down and Right Lever Up changes the weather to stormy

-Left Lever Up, Right Lever Down changes the weather to rainy

-Left Lever Down, Right Lever Down changes the weather to sunny.

Pull both levers down and  you will see a monster appearing not far away. It is a boss named Faeryl, who is waiting for you. Talk to Tipur and he will tell you that Faeryl is too strong for you. Complete the Live Trigger and you will receive a new objective.

Objective 7: Defeat the Faeryl

To kill this boss, you have to weaken him first; otherwise, you won’t stand a chance. Approach the Weather Controlling Device and change the weather to stormy.

Now that you have weakened the boss, it’s time to finish him. Before leaving the camp, look for Chocolina and purchase potions, because the fight against Faeryl will not be so easy.

Don’t engage Faeryl without setting up the proper formations. Here is the strategy and the tactics we have used to defeat Faeryl.

During the first phase, when Faeryl attacks we used the Sentinel/Medic/Sentinel formation, to protect our party.

To fill Faeryl’s stagger bar, we decided to go with a three Ravagers, but you can also use a RAV/COM/RAV ; however make sure that you cast enough lightning spells, which can damage Faeryl.

When Faeryl was staggered, we used the normal Commando/Commando/Commando formation, but one notable change we have made was to add the Chocobo in the party.

It is important to remember that Faeryl is weak against lightning, but his attacks deal massive damage, especially his Megaton Charge. If you fail to switch to SEN/MED/SEN,  Faeryl will hit you hard. You can also opt for a MED/MED/MED or a SEN/MED/MED during this phase.

The strategy to beat Faeryl is the same as those used before: stagger and kill.

After you defeat him, pick up the Black Hole Gem fragment and watch the cutscene.

When the cutscene ends, you can leave this place; however, there are several points of interest you should visit first.

If you go south you will find a gate, and near it is a hidden red statue. Use Moogle to discover it , and travel back to the camp to get the Azure Crystal fragment.

Another statue, but this time green can be located in the middle of the map. Unfortunately, here you will encounter a boss, named Gigantaur. He is tough, and if you can’t beat him, you should avoid him and travel back here when you are strong enough.

There are also many hidden spheres that can be discovered and other secrets as well. When you finish uncovering this zone, go back to the gate you used to get here, and access Historia Crux.

The third episode ends here, but before moving forward there are several additional zones and unfinished businesses you have to complete.

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