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FIFA 12 Game Guide: List of Danish Football Teams, Players and Stadiums

EA Sports published in September 2011,  FIFA Soccer 2012, also known as FIFA 12. It is a football simulation video game and it’s available for multiple consoles and PC.

FIFA Soccer can be played in multiplayer mode or career mode.

For a better gameplay experience, EA improved the game’s Player Impact Engine, Tactical Defending and the Precision Dribbling.

The Player Impact Engine is built to give users a real-world felling, which allows them to experience an infinite number of believable and natural outcomes.

Precision Dribbling. With this feature the user has new moves and ways to dribble the opponents, more time to make a decision and also the ability to control the pace of the game.

The game’s defending engine was also re-developed to place the same importance to positioning, tackling and intercepting the ball.

The True Injuries feature uses the new Player Impact Engine to analyze the force of every contact in order to detect real injuries; therefore, the career mode is more challenging.

Thanks to the Pro Player Intelligence, an AI controlled player has self-awareness and aptitude, allowing him to make decisions based on his own skills.

FIFA 12 gives the user the option to choose and play with the teams that compete in various leagues, including the Danish Superliga.

The Danish Superliga is the highest football division in Denmark, and it has 12 teams as well as a promotion and relegation system.

Back in 1991 when Superliga replaced the Danish First Division, only 10 teams were participating in the competition. In 1995, 2 more teams were added.

The name of the Superliga changed to Coca-Cola Ligaen, when Coca Cola became the lead sponsor.

The next season the name changed to Faxe Kondi Ligaen, and in 2001, the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) became the main sponsor and because of this, the  Danish First Division  is also known as  SAS Ligaen.


Aalborg Boldspilklub
Official Stadium: Energi Nord Arena
Overall Score: 3/5
ATT: 65
MID: 65
DEF: 66
Starting Team: Nicolai Larsen, Lasse Nielsen, Kenneth Emil Petersen, Kjetil Wæhler, Patrick Kristensen, Chris Rolfe, Rasmus Würtz, Thomas Augustinussen, Anders Due, Nicklas Helenius, Jeppe Curth.

Aarhus Gymnastikforening

Official Stadium: NRGi Park
Overall Score: 2 (1/2)/5
ATT: 68
MID: 64
DEF: 63
Starting Team: Steffen Rasmussen, Arthur Sorin, Atle Roar Håland, Mark Howard, Adam Eckersley, Søren Berg, Hjalte Nørregaard, Martin Jørgensen, Stephan Petersen, Søren Larsen, Peter Graulund.

AC Horsens

Official Stadium: CASA Arena Horsens
Overall Score: 2 (1/2)/5
ATT: 66
MID: 63
DEF: 63
Starting Team: Søren Jochumsen, Anders Nøhr, Morten Rasmussen, Niels Lodberg, Søren Jensen, Lasse Kryger, Martin Retov, Martin Spelmann, Jeppe Mehl, Gilberto, Henrik Toft.

Brøndby IF

Official Stadium: Brøndby Stadium
Overall Score: 3/5
ATT: 64
MID: 68
DEF: 66
Starting Team: Michael Tørnes, Anders Randrup, Clarence Goodson, Daniel Stenderup, Mikkel Thygesen, Mikael Nilsson, Mike Jensen, Jan Kristiansen, Michael Krohn-Dehli, Martin Bernburg.

F.C. København

Official Stadium: Parken
Overall Score: 3 (1/2)/5
ATT: 73
MID: 72
DEF: 70
Starting Team: Johan Wiland, Johnny Thomsen, Sölvi Ottesen, Mathias Jørgensen , Pierre Bengtsson, Christian Bolaños, Christian Grindheim, Claudemir, Martin Vingaard, César Santin, Dame N’Doye.

FC Midtjylland

Official Stadium: MCH Arena
Overall Score: 2 (1/2)/5
ATT: 65
MID: 65
DEF: 63
Starting Team: Jonas Lössl, Erik Sviatchenko, Martin Albrechtsen, Kristian Bak Nielsen, Jesper Juelsgård, Danny Olsen, Adigun Salami, Jakob Poulsen, Jonas Borring, Sylvester Igboun, Tim Janssen.

FC Nordsjælland

Official Stadium: Farum Park
Overall Score: 1 (1/2)/5
ATT: 61
MID: 62
DEF: 61
Starting Team: Jesper Hansen, Henrik Kildentoft, Michael Parkhurst, Andreas Bjelland, Patrick Mtiliga, Mikkel Beckmann, Nicolai Stokholm, Matti Lund Nielsen, Tobias Mikkelsen, Rawez Lawan, Andreas Laudrup.

HB Køge

Official Stadium: Herfølge Stadion
Overall Score: 1/5
ATT: 56
MID: 57
DEF: 58
Starting Team: Morten Haastrup Jensen, Thomas Sørensen, Brad Rusin, Thomas G. Christensen, Simon Richter, Bo Storm, Nicolaj Madsen, Marcel Rømer, Simon Christoffersen, Martin Christensen, Adeola Runsewe.

Lyngby Boldklub

Official Stadium: Lyngby Stadion
Overall Score: 1 (1/2)/5
ATT: 59
MID: 61
DEF: 60
Starting Team: Rune Pedersen, Frederik Krabbe, Mathias Tauber, Jakob Bresemann, Dennis Cagara, Morten Bertolt, Anders Christiansen, Bajram Fetai, Kim Aabech, Emil Larsen, Patrick Mortensen.

Odense Boldklub

Official Stadium: TRE-FOR Park
Overall Score: 3/5
ATT: 70
MID: 66
DEF: 67
Starting Team: Stefan Wessels, Espen Ruud, Tore Reginiussen, Anders Møller Christensen, Bernard Mendy, Eric Djemba-Djemba, Chris Sørensen, Andreas Johansson, Bashkim Kadrii, Peter Utaka, Morten Skoubo.

Silkeborg IF

Official Stadium: Silkeborg Stadion
Overall Score: 2 (1/2)/5
ATT: 63
MID: 64
DEF: 62
Starting Team: Lasse Heinze, Dennis Flinta, Thorbjørn Holst Rasmussen, Simon Jakobsen, Christopher Poulsen, Martin Svensson, Frank Hansen, Martin Ørnskov, Christian Holst, Jesper Bech, Kaimar Saag.


Official Stadium: Haderslev Fodboldstadion
Overall Score: 1 (1/2)/5
ATT: 61
MID: 63
DEF: 58
Starting Team: Nathan Coe, Jarl André Storbæk, Anders Østli, Jonas Troest, Jacob Tjørnelund, Tommy Bechmann, Henrik Bødker, Thomas Hansen, Eyjólfur Héðinsson, Quincy Antipas, Kenneth Fabricius.

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