Farming Giant Cheats and Trainers

Farming Giant Cheats and Trainers

Developed for v1.2, the trainer that activates all three Farming Giant cheats below, is a free program that can be used by all players who need additional money while playing the PC version of Farming Giant.

The Farming Giant money trainer is a free software uploaded on and it features three different options that act like cheat codes.

These cheats increase the player’s amount of money during the game, but to trigger them, players are asked to download the trainer and install it on their computers, following the steps below.

Farming Giant is a PC exclusive simulation video game developed and published by UIG Entertainment. Released on October 25, 2012, Farming Giant is a downloadable title, and, as the name implies, it is a farming video game, which tests the player’s skills as a manager.

Unlike other farming video games, Farming Giant features complex gameplay elements, allowing players to start with basic farms, and turn them into large businesses.

Players have access to a wide variety of crops and animals that can be raised, as well as a large number of vehicles and other equipment used to manufacture products which can be sold afterwards.

Farming Giant also features a series of skills divided in three skill trees: technology, worker and production.

These skills allow players to increase the productivity of their farms, thus, being forced to expand them. The video game includes various European areas where players can develop their farms, four playing modes, and multiple scenarios and objectives that can be completed.

Farming Giant PC Money Trainer

Even if the Farming Giant cheats listed below have the same effect, meaning that they increase the amount of money during the game, the said amount is different.

In other words, based on their needs, players can opt to activate a money cheat code which automatically adds 1,000,000 funds to their banks, or alternatively they can activate another cheat, which increases their funds by 5,000,000.

But all these cheats can be activated only if a trainer runs during the game. The free Farming Giant trainer for money can be downloaded from

Download the Farming Giant PC trainer and unpack all files included in Farming_Giant_v1.2_+3_Money_Trainer.rar.

Move all files to the game’s directory and run the trainer with admin rights if needed.

Start the game, and after it loads, press one of the following keys to get the corresponding amount of funds.

Farming Giant Cheats for Money

F2 – 5,000,000

F3 – 2,500,000

F4 – 1,000,000

Farming Giant Cheats and Trainers
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