Far Cry Primal Cave of Sun Walkers Guide – Daysha Hand and Cave Painting

The video above is the Far Cry Primal Cave of Sun Walkers Guide and shows how to get the Daysha Hand andCave Painting collectibles in the Cave of Sun Walkers featured in Far Cry Primal.

There are 22 Lost Caves in Far Cry Primal and each of them features two types of collectibles: 1 Daysha Hand and 1 Cave Painting.

Some Lost Caves feature navigation puzzles, while others just combat, but in order to complete them you just have to grab both collectibles.

TYPE: Combat

ENEMIES: Izila archers, Izila Spearmen, Izila Warriors, Izila Scourge, Wolves, Jaguars, Sabretooth Tigers, and a Cave Bear

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