Far Cry 3 Thurston Town Relics Locations

Far Cry 3 Relics Locations Guide

Far Cry 3 Relics represent the most numerous type of collectible in the video game developed by Ubisoft.

They can be found right after the tutorial mission, and it is recommended to collect them as soon as possible, because the Relics can provide players with decent amount of money and items, but most importantly, the experience points which can be used to build the skill tree faster.

This type of Far Cry 3 collectible comes in the shape of small statues depicting four animals (Spider, Shark, Boar, Heron), and they have been placed, lost, or left behind by Rakyat people across Rook Islands over the years.

Just like the description says, finding all relics is indeed a test of skill and commitment, because most of them are very well hidden or require some exploration before figuring out how to get them.

The Relics depicting the Spider are usually found in underground areas or caves. Most of the time, the Shark Relics are underwater or at least they require diving or traversing an area with water.

The Relics that take the shape of a Boar are mostly found inside temples, but some of them are locked by a stone door (or even by overgrown vegetation), meaning that it is recommended to have some explosives when searching for them or a powerful weapon.

The Heron Relics are probably the hardest to get, because even if they can be found in open areas, some of them are in small shrines that are on top of large rocks which can be difficult to climb.

For example, Heron 17 Relic, west of Gaztown, can be acquired if players use a glider and land on the ledge where the relic is located.

Also, because there are 120 Far Cry Relics, it means that it may take a while to get them all. However, it is a very good idea to acquire at least half of the Relics collectibles, for the fact that they reward players with great items and even an achievement/trophy, as stated below:

10 Relics – Signature Weapon: Bull

“A customized M133 shotgun with extended shell capacity, and custom paint. Enhanced for damage.”

20 Relics – Signature Weapon: AMR

“A customized Z93 with extended magazine, high power scope, and custom paint. Fires an explosive, penetrating round. Enhanced for damage at long range.”

30 Relics – Recipe: Untouchable

“Use a surge of energy to dull even the worst pain and become temporarily immune to damage.”

40 Relics – Recipe: Touch of Death

“This serum enhances marksmanship and perception, enabling a person to kill enemies with just a single bullet.”

60 Relics – Achievement: Archeology 101

Note: Only 119 hidden Relics are shown on the in-game map, one of them being available in a special location, and it is the Spider 1 Relic.

The Far Cry 3 Spider 1 Relic can be found inside the cave under Dr. Earnhardt’s mansion. Near the water, on the same side with the boat that Jason’s friends try to repair, is a boat wreck. Climbing near that boat will lead players to a new area.

Inside the area, on the left side, players can find Spider Relic 1.

The Relic must be collected as soon as players have access to the cave, because later in the game the cave will become unavailable, being closed by an invisible wall.

If players don’t collect the Spider 1 Relic before they deal with Vaas, the relic will be missed.

Spider Relic

“The spider is a master of stealth and a skilled collector. Relics associated with the spider are carefully hidden.”

Shark Relic

“The shark represents strength and brutality, it is the unchallenged king of the ocean. Relics dedicated to the shark will be found underwater.”

Boar Relic

“The boar is a symbol of defiance and pride. Relics associated with the boar will not be uncovered easily, so expect to do some blasting.”

Heron Relic

“The Rakyat see the Heron as a symbol of patience and long life. You must soar like the Heron to find relics dedicated of this majestic bird.”

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