Far Cry 3 Cheats and Trainers

Far Cry 3 Cheats and Trainers

Released on December 4, 2012, and considered one of the most anticipated video games of 2012, Far Cry 3 is an open-world first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

While the videogame can’t be cheated on PS3 and Xbox 360, after its official release date, multiple PC trainers have been developed for those who wish to cheat Far Cry 3 on PC.

The following cheating guide presents one of the Far Cry 3 trainers, and explains how to install it in order to activate 16 different Far Cry 3 cheats, or cheat codes.

It is a free Far Cry 3 trainer developed exclusively for the third game in the series, which means that it won’t work for those who want to use it on Far Cry 2, since the prequel requires a different trainer.

The trainer will also fail to work on Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Additionally, the mega-trainer works only with the PC version of the video game, and according to its developer the program was tested on Far Cry 3 v1.03 cracked by Reloaded.

Using the trainer, players gain access to 16 Far Cry cheat codes, including an infinite health cheat, a cheat for infinite stamina, and even a cheat code which allows them to unlock 1.000 rucksack slots.

The story in Far Cry 3 revolves around Jason Brody, a teenager who decides to go on vacation along with his friends. Their final destination is an exotic island, on which they arrive during a skydiving trip.

Unfortunately, they notice that the island is controlled by pirates, and their leader, a psychopath named Vaas. After they reach the island, the tourists are eventually captured by Vaas, who intends to extort their parents, and sell them as slaves.

The opposing faction in Far Cry 3 is formed by the island natives (the Rakyat), led by Citra. Later in the game, players find out that Vaas is Citra’s brother, and that the Rakyat fight the pirates to regain their freedom.

During the game, players observe how Jason turns from a simple tourist into a true Rakyat warrior, who liberates the natives by hunting down the pirates and their leaders (Vaas and Hoyt Volker).

As an open-world, Far Cry 3 allows players to fully explore both islands featured in the game. Players have access to a vast number of vehicles, weapons, and equipment; however, the second island becomes available later in the game.

The luxurious paradise holds many secrets, as well as collectibles (Relics, Memory Cards and Letters of the Lost), which can be found to unlock the game’s achievements and trophies.

Players can improve Jason’s efficiency in combat by unlocking multiple skills which require experience points.

To earn them, Jason can complete a series of side missions found in outposts, but to access these missions, the outposts must be controlled by Jason’s allies.

Far Cry 3 was very well received by critics and players, scoring 9 points on IGN, five stars on Giant Bomb, and 10 points out of 10 on Eurogamer.

Far Cry 3 PC Trainer

To activate all Far Cry 3 PC cheats listed below, players need the free trainer available on DLH.net.

The trainer was uploaded on December 19, 2012, and can be downloaded by all those who wish to try it; but fans of the game should be aware that the trainer might be reported as harmful by a number of antivirus programs, and it may alter the gameplay.

To use the trainer, players need to follow several steps:

Download the program from DLH.net and extract all archived files included in fc3v103_dx9-dx11+16tr.rar.

Copy/move the files in the game’s directory, and then run the trainer followed by the game.

After the game loads, press the following keys to activate all corresponding Far Cry 3 cheat codes.

Far Cry 3 PC Cheats

Numpad 0 – Set infinite health ON/OFF

Numpad 1 – Set infinite armor ON/OFF

Numpad 2 – Set infinite stamina ON/OFF

Numpad 3 – Set infinite oxygen ON/OFF

Numpad 4 – Set unlimited ammo ON/OFF

Numpad 5 – No reload time

Numpad 6 – Set unlimited explosives ON/OFF

Numpad 7 – Multiply the experience points earned for killing a target by 8

Numpad 8 – Get unlimited skill points

Numpad 9 – Get additional weapon slots

Ctrl + Numpad 0 – Set vehicle repair time to fast

Ctrl + Numpad 1 – Get additional rucksack slots

Ctrl + Numpad 2 – Get infinite syringes

Ctrl + Numpad 3 – Increase the amount of money by 2.000

Ctrl + Numpad 4 – Set infinite money ON/OFF

Ctrl + Numpad 5 – Set infinite time ON/OFF

Far Cry 3 Cheats and Trainers
Source: farcry.wikia.com
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