Facebook CityVille Energy Cheats

Facebook CityVille Energy Cheats

The following CityVille cheating guide explains how players can use various Facebook CityVille cheats,tips and tricks in order to save energy while playing the game on Facebook.

Energy is required to perform most actions in the game. CityVille is a casual city management simulation video game developed by Zynga .

It was released in December 2010, and it requires a  Facebook account and an active Internet connection.

In CityVille, users  must  build their own cities and expand their businesses, through a chain of quests given to them by different in-game characters.

Players can also start new businesses by using franchises, in the cities owned by their neighbors.

Even if there aren’t any CityVille Cheats that can be used on Facebook, there are various methods to save gain more energy in the game.

Facebook CityVille Cheats and Strategies

If the player wants more energy in CityVille, then he should get as many neighbors as possible.

If  the player visits daily every neighbor, additional energy is earned. For each visit, the player gets three energy points.

Another method to get energy in CityVille is to send energy gifts to all friends and neighbors.

For 60 active neighbors who receive 60 energy/day as gifts (which  is not deducted from the player’s inventory), the user should get back 60 energy packs.

This amount can vary, based on the amount of time spent online by his in-game friends.

If the player does not have enough friends or neighbors that play the game, he can visit CityVille’s official Facebook page and add more friends from there.

It is a good method to find active CityVille players.

Additional Energy CityVille Cheats

Another trick to save CityVille Energy is to plant the cheapest and quickest growing crops, such as strawberries.

When the player harvests the crops, sometimes, additional energy drops.

Energy is also given when the player performs different actions, such as collecting the rent or cutting trees.

All players should know that using energy to collect the rent from low paying houses or businesses,  is a waste.

Instead, players should try to place buildings from which the rent is collected every few hours.

Facebook CityVille Energy Cheats
Source: softpedia.com
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