Fable Anniversary Try to Stop Jack of Blades Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Try to Stop Jack of Blades Walkthrough

Try to Stop Jack of Blades is a main quest in Fable Anniversary that is activated after you finish the quest Return to Hook Coast.

Jack of Blades found The Septimal Key and he is now trying to activate all the Focus Sites around Albion.

Your task is to warp to various areas and stop Jack from activating the Focus Sites.

Use the hints and tips in the following Fable Anniversary walkthrough to complete the quest without any struggle.


Money: 5000 + 1010

Renown: 800 + 2314

Experience: 88370


During the quest you have to chase Jack of Blades to various places around Albion. Jack is helped by all sorts of creatures that are in a constant battle with the guards and the heroes from the Guild.

You will encounter Briar Rose and Thunder along the way who will help you, but you actually don’t have to engage the enemies at all. You should fight them only if you want to get more experience points. After you speak with the Guildmaster at Heroes’ Guild you teleport to Witchwood Cullis Gate and the quest starts.

Briar Rose is already on site, so follow her advice and go to the Focus Site (check the mini-map). When you reach the stone a cutscene with Jack is triggered and you will automatically follow him through the portal. You are teleported to the Orchard Farm, but you need to go to the Focus Site in Greatwood Lake.

When you reach the site another cutscene starts and you follow Jack to Hobbe Caves. The portal takes you to Hobbe Cave Entrance, hence you need to go through several areas until you reach the Focus Chamber. Along the way you are joined by Thunder (in the Moonlit Tunnel).

Just like before, watch the cutscene and go after Jack. You start in Bowerstone Jail. Follow the road to Gibbet Woods through Windmill Hill and when you reach the crossroad turn right to find Jack of Blades next to the last Focus Site.

After the cutscene you are teleported to Heroes’ Guild. The quest is completed as soon as you arrive to the Guild, but the final battle is just beginning.

Fable Anniversary Try to Stop Jack of Blades Walkthrough

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