Fable Anniversary Trader Rescue Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Trader Rescue Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Trader Rescue represents one of the two side quests that are available at the Heroes’ Guild after you complete the main quest Find The Bandit Seeress.

The other quest is named Trader Massacre, and even if their names suggest that you should make a choice based on your alignment, you can actually complete them both.

Trader Rescue requires you to travel back to Twinblade’s Camp and save three traders from the bandits.

The next Fable Anniversary walkthrough features hints and tips on how you can accomplish the mission.


Money: 5000 + 1105

Renown: 400 + 328

Experience: 5473


The quest starts once you go back to Twinblade’s Camp. Your task is to save the traders from the bandits and escort them out of the area.

Be aware that you will fail the quest if one of the traders dies, so depending on which boast you chose you may want to take a slow and safe approach.

Before alerting all the bandits in the area you should try to kill them with your bow. Eventually they rush towards you, thus spells that have an area of effect are really helpful (pay attention not to hit the trader). Talk to the trader and if the path is clear tell him to follow and escort him out of the camp.

Next, go to Twinblade’s Elite Camp to find the other two traders. As before, kill a few bandits with your bow before fighting them at melee range. The first trader is on the right side (north on the map) and you can use the small pond to your advantage to eliminate even more bandits from a safe distance.

Speak with the trader and leave him by the exit until you rescue the last trader. He is locked in a cage on the hill (south side), but is protected by tougher bandits, so charge your bow before engaging them.

If no one is attacking you tell the trader to follow you to the exit. When you exit to Twinblade’s Camp check the mini map for dangers.

Escort the traders once you’re safe to complete the quest for a decent gold reward.

Fable Anniversary Trader Rescue Walkthrough

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