Fable Anniversary Trader Escort Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Trader Escort Walkthrough

Trader Escort is the first main quest from Chapter 2 in Fable Anniversary and its Quest Card can be taken from the Map Table inside Heroes’ Guild The quest is important because it progresses the story and opens new areas.

Your task in the quest is to escort two traders to Barrow Fields through the Darkwood forest.

It is a dangerous task given the creatures that lurk in Darkwood, but the following Fable Anniversary Trader Escort walkthrough provides a few hints and tips in how to keep the traders alive.


Money: 2000 + 955

Renown: 500 + 268

Experience: 2578

Trophy: Trader’s Feather


Travel to Greatwood Caves and take the exit to Darkwood Entrance. The two traders are expecting you there and they ask you to get them safely to Barrow Fields at the other end of Darkwood.

Follow the road to meet a third trader who complains that he has been bitten by something and he begs you to take him too. It’s a bad deed to refuse his proposal, but be aware that if you take him he will transform into a Balverine sooner or later (depending on how fast can you get to destination).

Leave the traders at the end of Darkwood Entrance and go to Darkwood Marshes alone (don’t forget to get a Resurrection Phial from the chest before leaving).

In this new area you encounter a new enemy, Balverines, which are quick and agile, so don’t lose them from your sight. You can use your bow from a distance, but when they jump block immediately or they’ll hit you. If you have time you can open the Demon Door that’s in the area.

When you’re done return to the traders and take them with you. Walk until you find the water and stop (there’s a chest on your left). Before going any further destroy the mushrooms with your bow from a safe distance or with the lightning for a quicker effect. Tell the traders to stop before you enter the Darkwood Lake area.

There are many bandits in Darkwood Lake and it’s a good idea to get rid of them before doing anything else. Once you finish you can search for a few useful items around the map. There is also a Silver Chest in the area, but most definitely you don’t have 15 Silver Keys to open it, even with the one that you can acquire here.

Once again, go and get the traders to follow you. It is safe to let them pass with you in the next area, Darkwood Camp, since there are no enemies to attack you.

In fact, you can use the traders in the camp to check what they have for sale and you can also grab a few useful items from the barrels and chests in the camp. You can take the traders with you in the Ancient Cullis Gate area, but it’s imperative to leave them right at the entrance before you deal with the mixed selection of enemies.

Don’t forget about the goodies in this area (a Resurrection Phial and a Silver Key).

The next part is tricky, since it’s almost time for the third trader to transform into a Balverine, depending on how fast you complete the area. If you don’t care about the gold bonus he has to offer you can leave all three behind and enter Darkwood Weir. At the end of the path you encounter your first troll, a large and tough enemy.

The best way is to stay at a distance and hit him with ranged attacks, but watch out for his boulders. Take your time to kill him and then pick up the reward he leaves behind (on the island from the south side you can get a Lightning Augmentation and a Golden Carrot).

If you left the traders behind the third one will transform into a monster, and it’s your job to keep him away from the other two traders when you battle with him. When it’s done it’s safe to ask the traders to follow you. At the end of Darkwood Weir is the entrance to Barrow Fields.

Follow the traders to the bridge in order to complete the quest and receive your reward.

The next quest, Maze’s New Information is now available, and to complete it you just have to travel to Oakvale and hear what Maze has to say to you.

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