Fable Anniversary The Sword In The Stone Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary The Sword In The Stone Walkthrough

The Sword In The Stone represents the name of a side quest featured in Fable Anniversary that is available when you reach the Temple of Avo area.

Your task is to free a legendary sword from the rock.

This seems like an easy task but it’s actually harder than it looks, because not everyone can pull Huw’s sword from the stone.

The following Fable Anniversary walkthrough features hints and tips on how you can get the Harbinger from the stone and complete the quest.


Item: The Harbinger


When you make your first visit to the Temple of Avo find the men at the top of the hill that is in the southern part of the area (look at the green dots on your mini-map).

The men are trying to pull the longsword that is stuck in the rock, but they’re attempts are useless. To start the quest you need to try yourself to free the sword. You won’t be able to remove it from your first attempt unless your strength attributes are maxed out.

However, if that’s not the case, the game will record your current values for Physique, Health, and Toughness. After that you need to increase them by a certain value: Physique by 5, Health by 2, and Toughness by 3.

The other men that are attempting to get the sword will always tell you which attribute is not high enough when you return later.

Once you get the required values or you max out the attributes you can return for another try. This time around the Harbinger will come out of the rock and will remain in your inventory as a Legendary Weapon.

You can get the sword without spending too much XP, but only if you don’t upgrade your attributes until you reach the Temple of Avo, thus making the game a little harder up to this point.

Completing The Sword In The Stone or getting a high score in the Archery Competition unlocks the Arthur or Robin? Achievement.

Fable Anniversary The Sword In The Stone Walkthrough

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