Fable Anniversary Return To Hook Coast Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Return To Hook Coast Walkthrough

Return To Hook Coast represents a Fable Anniversary main quest that follows naturally after the completion of Gateway To Hook Coast.

The quest is started when you speak with the Guildmaster. The objective of the quest is to disable the barrier in Hook Coast and prevent Jack of Blades from acquiring The Septimal Key that can be used to claim the Sword of Aeons.

It is recommended to follow the Guildmaster’s advice and complete any unfinished side quests before accepting the Return To Hook Coast main quest (otherwise you won’t be able to return to them until later in the game).

When you are ready, use the following Fable Anniversary walkthrough.


Money: 16000 + 2460

Renown: 1500 + 584

Experience: 7636

Trophy: Maze’s Clasp


After you speak with the Guildmaster and you are ready to accept his quest, return to Hook Coast. On your way to the ruined abbey you encounter new enemies called Screamers, who are resistant to physical damage, but susceptible to magic attacks and to weapons that are outfitted with fire or lightning augmentations.

When you reach the barrier you are interrupted by a cutscene. After you realize that Maze betrayed you the battle with him begins. He is very powerful and cannot be damaged while he has his shield on.

Dodge his attacks and when the shield goes down use the Assassin Rush spell to get behind him. Eventually he teleports into town and you have to pursue him. This time he uses ranged attacks along with his previous tactics and it is also protected by Screamers.

Just like before, hit him when his shield is down. You need to chase him until he teleports inside the lighthouse. Fighting Maze inside the lighthouse tends to be a little difficult because of the tight spaces.

If you don’t deplete his health bar while inside the lighthouse he may teleport outside again.

The quest is over once he’s defeated, and he will tell you about Jack’s plan to use the key to activate the Focus Sites all over Albion in order to get the sword.

Fable Anniversary Return To Hook Coast Walkthrough

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