Fable Anniversary Orchard Farm Escort Walkthrough

Orchard Farm Escort side quest becomes available in Fable Anniversary after you complete the Orchard Farm main quest from Chapter 1.

When you return to Lookout Point you can find a trader that wants to hire you to escort him to the Orchard Farm unharmed.

It is recommended to take the quest now since the Orchard Farm is close and the enemies between you and the farm are not that strong.

Follow the next Fable Anniversary walkthrough if you want to get the trader unharmed to receive a bonus.


Money: 125 + 375

Renown: 100


Speak to the trader about the deal and also learn how to use the Wait and Follow expressions. After you accept the trader’s request travel to Greatwood Entrance. When you enter the area instruct the trader to wait for you at his current position.

Then leave him behind and follow the path to engage the enemies. Kill all of them through any means necessary (be careful with your spells so you don’t hit the trader by accident). After you eliminate the opponents and there are no more red dots on the map you can return to the trader and ask him to follow you again.

Do not run too far ahead of him or he will stop following you. When you reach the Orchard Farm go to the house and a cutscene should occur. If not, wander a little more around the farm.

If the trader’s health is untouched (you can heal him before getting in the area) he gives you an extra reward, a gem.

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