Fable Anniversary Melee Combat Test Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Melee Combat Test Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Melee Combat Test quest is given to you as soon as you wake up at the Heroes’ Guild, but it’s actually part of the Guild Training quest, which is larger and expands beyond your childhood.

You can start your training right away, or you can explore the surroundings for secrets and some mini quests.

The next Fable Anniversary walkthrough focuses on the first part of the training and on the actual Melee Combat Test quest.


Money: 20

Renown: 30


Your first task is to meet with the Guildmaster at the melee training ring, which is marked on the map by the golden quest symbol. Talk to him and then get in the ring.

Hit the dummy seven times to proceed to the next part. The Guildmaster gives you a stick, so use it to hit the dummy again. When you’re done you will begin the actual quests, which involves the hunting of some beetles that are infesting the woods.

Follow the waypoint on your map to enter the Guild Woods.

Once inside the woods look for the red dots on your mini-map and head in that direction. Draw your stick and defeat all ten beetles.

The quest is done at this point, and you should return to your Guildmaster.

You can choose to leave your childhood behind and begin your Apprentice training right now, or you can return later and talk to him again.

The Apprentice training is the next part of the Guild Training quest.

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