Fable Anniversary Find The Bandit Seeress Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Find The Bandit Seeress Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Find The Bandit Seeress is available to take from the Heroes’ Guild after you complete the Trader Escort quest and you speak to Maze in Oakvale.

Your task is to find the Seeress in the Bandit Camp, who might have some information regarding your sister.

Find The Bandit Seeress is a much more complicated main quest, with many new areas to explore.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow the next Fable Anniversary walkthrough to learn about the choices you can make and how to complete the quest.


Money: 4500 + 1625

Renown: 1000 + 407

Experience: 17182

Trophy: Bandit Seal


Before leaving the Guild you might want to take the Bandit Blood boast since you will complete it anyway during the quest. Fast travel to Oakvale and then go the cave on the beach that leads to The Clifftop Path.

In order to reach the bandit camp you have to sneak by three bandits without being spotted or they will raise the alarm and lock the gate. If the gate is locked you have to wait for a while to be opened again.

You need to observe their movements and sneak past them undetected (the correct path to take is on your right). However, there’s an easier option, at least for archers. If you have a good bow you can try and kill them with one hit, but only do that when they’re alone.

The Abandoned Road is filled with bandits. When you enter you hear two of them talking about how you need to have a full bandit uniform to be allowed to access the camp. Along the path there are chests containing various pieces of equipment, so you need to check all of them.

The bandits in each settlement can be killed with the bow or a spell from a safe distance. At the end of the path is a Demon Door and another chest with a Resurrection Phial.

Once you have the full gear you are allowed in Twinblade’s Camp. However, to get in the next area you need a special pass. You can get one if you beat the mini game inside the large tent. Or you can buy one from the bandit that’s outside next to the tent, but that will cost you 1000 gold.

If you want to save your money you can shoot an arrow in his head (make sure no one is watching). There are many hidden treasures around the camp, but the most important one is a Silver Key.

When you are ready give the pass to the bandit at the door. In Twindblade’s Elite Camp you have to acquire another pass. There are a few ways to get the doors to open. A fast an easy way is to pay 2000 gold to the assassins (south side of the map, uphill) to create a distraction.

If you want to keep your money you can go nearby to find a cage with two hostages. The tough looking guard has the key, but a well-placed shot through his head should do the trick. After the diversion you can search around for loot or you can enter Twinblade’s Tent area.

As soon as you enter you see that Twinblade is expecting you for a fight. When the battle begins lock your target on him and just dodge around until his swords are stuck in the ground. Now is the moment to attack him from behind (you can use Slow Time to give him more hits). Repeat the process until you deplete his health bar (be careful not to go near the edge of the ring or the bandits will hit you).

A cutscene follows, revealing who the Seeress is, and then you have the option to spare or kill Twindblade. If you choose to kill him you must battle him again along with all the bandits.

Spare him if you want points towards the good alignment by simply walking away from the area.

Regardless of your choice the quest ends when you exit to Twinblade’s Elite Camp (you can search for more treasures in the tent and around it before leaving).

Fable Anniversary Find The Bandit Seeress Walkthrough

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