Fable Anniversary Darkwood Disturbance Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Darkwood Disturbance Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Darkwood Disturbance is the name of a side quest that can be accessed at the Heroes’ Guild after completing The Graveyard Path quest.

The objective of the quest is to investigate a disturbance in Darkwood Lake area.

Some minions are trying to power an old shrine and you need to help Briar Rose to stop them.

The next Fable Anniversary guide features the full details of the Darkwood Disturbance optional quest.


Money: 3500 + 320

Renown: 100 + 840

Experience: 16949


Pick up the quest card at Heroes’ Guild and then teleport to Barrow Fields. From there travel to Darkwood Lake. When you enter the region you find Briar Rose.

She tells you that Minions spawned in the area and that they are trying to summon one of their own using an ancient shrine. First you need to clear the area of Minions so that Briar can get close to the shrine.

Keep in mind that Minions are powerful enemies, hence you need to watch Briar Rose’s health bar all the time. When the path is clear go to Briar Rose who is now near the shrine. She tells you that she know an incantation to close the portal, but it may take a while.

At this point, your task is to protect her from the Minions by any means necessary. You can use any spells or attacks as long as you don’t hit her.

Depending on your righting style you can choose to stay close to Briar and use melee attacks, or stay at a distance and shoot the Minions before they reach her position. Just keep defending her until the bar that’s under her health bar fills completely.

When the bar is filled she will close the portal and you will complete the quest.

Fable Anniversary Darkwood Disturbance Walkthrough

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