Fable Anniversary Book Collection Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Book Collection Walkthrough

The Book Collection side quest in Fable Anniversary is available in Bowerstone South when you first visit the area.

It is an open ended quest that can last through the entire game.

To start the quest you must speak with the teacher in Bowerstone (you can find it near the house that can be bought).

He tells you that Lady Gray cut their funding and every book donation is more than welcomed.

The following Fable Anniversary Book Collection walkthrough includes some important tips on how to deal with the side quest.


Gold: 0

Renown: 100

Item: Bright Wizard Hat / Dark Wizard Hat


After you talk to the teacher you can start donating books that you found in your travels. If you looted the Guild’s library you should already have a few books to donate.

You can always return when you find more books (you can steal them or even buy them from traders). When you give him a book you will trigger a cutscene that is based on the content found in that book.

There are good books and bad books, and you will find the most in a category based on your character’s alignment. After you donate 9 books you get a Bright Wizard Hat or a Dark Wizard Hat, depending on which book you donated.

Pay attention to what books you donate if you want a particular reward. However, the quest doesn’t end here, because you can return to give more books whenever you want.

Try to find 25 books that are accepted by the teacher to get a Silver Key as a reward. Besides that you will unlock the Education Rules The Nation achievement.

There are many books to find in Albion, but only some of them can be donated. Below is a list of 25 accepted books and the regions where you find them first.

A Love Story (Heroes’ Guild)

Creatures of Albion Book I (Heroes’ Guild)

Creatures of Albion Book II (Heroes’ Guild)

Creatures of Albion Book III (Heroes’ Guild)

Eyes of a Killer (Bowerstone South)

Jack of Blades (Heroes’ Guild)

Making Friends (Heroes’ Guild)

The Arena (Heroes’ Guild)

The Balverine Slayer (Knothole Glade)

The Dragons (Heroes’ Guild)

The Guild of Zeros (Bowerstone South)

The Northern Wastes (Heroes’ Guild)

The Oakvale Raid (Oakvale)

The Old Kingdom (Heroes’ Guild)

The Other Land (Heroes’ Guild)

The Pale Balverine (Heroes’ Guild)

The Repentant Alchemist (Bowerstone South)

The Sock Method (Oakvale)

The Tailor’s Tragedy (Bowerstone North)

The Tale of Maxley (Heroes’ Guild)

The Tale of Twinblade (Heroes’ Guild)

The Trials of Aarkan (Oakvale)

The Ugly Guide (Oakvale)

Windbreaker Rule Book (Bowerstone South)

You Are Not a Bad Person (Bowerstone South)

Fable Anniversary Book Collection Walkthrough

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