Fable Anniversary Beardy Baldy Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Beardy Baldy Walkthrough

Beardy Baldy is the name of a Fable Anniversary side quest found in Bowerstone Quay. The quest can be started the first time you visit Bowerstone.

In the west side of Bowerstone Quay, near the docks, you can find a man sitting on a bench. He tells you about his daughter and that she wishes to meet handsome men.

The thing is, you don’t look good for his daughter, so you need to alter your appearance.

Follow the Fable Anniversary Beardy Baldy guide below to learn how to complete the quest.


Money: 100

Renown: 100

Experience: 100

Item: Fire Monkey Tattoo


The quest starts when you talk to the man, but only if you accept to meet his daughter. However, you don’t have the appearance wanted by his daughter, so he gives you a card to change your looks.

Assuming you don’t already have the required styles applied to you character, he gives you the Pudding Basin style card. You can use the card at the barbershop in Bowerstone South if you have enough money.

After you apply that haircut style return to the man. He tells you to also get a beard and he gives you the Mutton Chop Beard card. Once again, go to the barber to apply the style.

When you return to the man he gives you another card for a moustache, the Trader Style Moustache card. Get to Bowerstone South one last time to apply the style and return to the man for a final conversation.

He reveals to you that he likes to make fun of heroes and that he has no daughter.

He gives you the Fire Monkey Tattoo as a reward and then he makes a run out of town.

Fable Anniversary Beardy Baldy Walkthrough

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