Fable Anniversary Archery Competition Walkthrough

Fable Anniversary Archery Competition Walkthrough

The Archery Competition in Fable Anniversary is available when you return to Knothole Glade area after finishing the side quest named Break The Siege.

Here you can test your bow skills in an archery competition by beating your score that you had during the training from Heroes’ Guild at the beginning of the video game.

While the competition is straightforward there are a few things you should know. It is an open-ended quest without a real end, and it is detailed in the following Fable Anniversary walkthrough.


Money: 100

Renown: 100

Trophy: Silver Arrow Trophy


You can start the quest by talking to the man that is standing next to the archery range that is right outside the village gates.

You have sixty seconds to hit as many targets as you can, without using magic or other tricks. The targets at the back of the range are worth the most, and the power of the shot is also taken in consideration.

When you attempt the archery competition for the first time the score that you need to beat will be the highest score that you had during your training session at the Guild.

If you manage to beat that score (or get over 200 points) you get Treasure Clue 4 as a prize, which is part of the Hidden Booty Hunt side quest. Beat your high score a second time to receive the Silver Arrow Trophy.

After that, you get Renown each time you beat your high score and a precious stone. If you can’t beat the scores you can be evil and kill the man that is running the competition and he will drop both of the prizes.

However, you won’t be able to enter the competition when you visit Knothole Glade again.

Fable Anniversary Archery Competition Walkthrough

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