F1 Race Stars Cheats and Trainers

F1 Race Stars Cheats and Trainers

One of the most important F1 Race Stars cheats that can help players unlock all races in the video game is the cheat code which allows them to freeze the clock while racing against time; and the following cheating guide introduces a simple F1 Race Stars trainer created to activate the time freezing cheat code.

The F1 Race Stars trainer was uploaded on DLH.net, and even if the video game was also developed for PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, the program works only with F1 Race Stars for PC.

The guide below presents all steps that should be followed by those who want to know how to cheat in F1 Race Stars, and it also includes a video guide showing how to enable/disable the trainer, as well as its function.

F1 Race Stars is a kart racing videogame developed by Codemasters Birmingham, and published by Codemasters.

Using the EGO 2.0 game engine, F1 Race Stars became available on November 13, 2012 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360; while the Wii U version was scheduled to be released on March 1, 2013.

Featuring all drivers and teams that participated in the 2012 Formula One season, along with two bonus teams and 4 fictional pilots, F1 Race Stars tries to deliver a different kind of gameplay to its fans.

In an interview for computerandvideogames.com Chris Gray (Senior Producer) outlines that unlike other racing video games, F1 Race Stars is

“an F1 game that everyone could enjoy, be that kids, family and friends, or mates before and after the pub.”

Furthermore, Chris Gray points out that F1 Race Stars

“has been built from the ground up to be a social multiplayer experience, but one that supports playing to have fun, not just to win.”

Because of this, during a race, players have the chance to use power-ups to slow down their opponents or to boost their vehicles.

Starting with balloons containing confetti that cover a rival’s screen, and finishing with rain clouds, and seeker bubbles, all power-ups in F1 Race Stars share the same goal: to help drivers reach the podium.

F1 Race Stars Trainer for PC

The PC trainer for F1 Race Stars was published in December 2012 on DLH.net.

It allows players who wish to try it, to activate a single cheat code; however, those who download it should know that it may not work on all versions of the video game.

Additionally, players should be aware that as most trainers, some antivirus programs may report the program as harmful; therefore, fans of the game should use it at their own risk.

To cheat in F1 Race Stars for PC using the free trainer from DLH.net, players must follow four steps:

Download the F1 Race Stars trainer and extract all files included in f1trainer.rar

Copy/move the files in the folder where the game was installed

Run the trainer and then the game.

When the game loads, press the key below to freeze the time.

F1 Race Stars Cheat for PC

F5 – Set freeze time cheat ON/OFF

Note: The cheat should be used while playing the game in the Time Challenge mode, and it should be turned off before the end of the race, or the game might crash.

F1 Race Stars Cheats and Trainers
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