F.3.A.R Walkthrough

F.3.A.R Walkthrough: Interval 08 -– Ward

Interval 08 -– Ward, is the final mission (interval) in F.E.A.R 3, and our text walkthrough below, explains how to finish it faster and defeat all enemies. Players who complete this interval will beat F.E.A.R 3 and will unlock the Homecoming King Trophy/ Achievement.

Interval 8 – Ward continues the events started by Point Man and Fettel in the previous intervals. Point Man and Fettel must destroy Wade’s memories, and then their family can finally reunite.

The mission begins in a basement, and after the introductory movie, you will receive your first objective.

Objective 1: End the haunting memories of Harlan Wade

First, you have to explore the basement.

Advance until you reach a stair. Follow it and go right.

Continue through the basement and you will see another stair to the right. Look under it and you will find a glowing corpse that allows you to create a Psychic Link.

Return to the starting area and follow the corridor on the left.

Advance and you will see a large boiler in front of you. If you look to the left, there is a pile of tires and behind it is the Alma Doll.

Pick it up and follow the main corridor.

At the end of the tunnel you will see three doors. Two of them are blocked, but the one on the right, isn’t. Go that way and follow the stairs up.

Watch the small cutscene and pay attention to the information you receive from Fettel.

Now you have to return and continue down the corridors, following the light made by one of the memories. Keep in mind that you will be attacked by a haunting monster.

Eventually, you will reach a training room and your objective changes again.

Objective 2: Find and destroy the objects from your past to clear your memory

The first object you are looking for is a bucket, and you will find it quickly because it is highlighted. Just search for a red glowing bucket. After you destroy it, search behind the boxing ring for another Psychic Link corpse, then exit the training room, and go right.

Make sure you follow the light and you will reach a laboratory. Here you must find another object and destroy it. It is a drawing book located on the control panel on the other side of the room. Destroy it and return to the main corridor.

Go left and then right, following the light.

In the third room, the object you are looking for is a toy pistol, located on the other side of the chamber, on the floor, near several cages.

Destroy this object and your objective will change, but don’t leave this place without investigating it. There are two Psychic Link bodies here. The first one is on a sink, and the second behind the first shower to the left, as you enter the room.

Exit the chamber through the same door, and go left. At the end of the tunnel, it is the entrance to Wade’s realm.

Objective 3: Enter the realm of Harlan Wade

When you enter the forest, make sure your weapons are loaded.

Advance and when you reach the end of the road, get ready to face Wade. You will receive a new objective and you will be asked to defeat Harlan Wade.

Objective 4: Defeat Harlan Wade

Harlan Wade is the final boss in the game. To defeat him, you must know his weak spot. When he appears, take a look at him and you will notice a red spot in his mouth. Make sure you hit that spot; otherwise you won’t be able to kill Wade.

The fight has multiple phases. After you inflict a specific amount of damage, Wade will disappear and several guards will spawn. Taking them out is the only way to bring Harlan Wade back to the fight.

A good idea is to use the slow-motion only on Harlan Wade. Do this to make sure that all your bullets reach Wade’s throat. When the guards appear, take cover and take them out without using the slow-motion.

Make sure that you have enough bullets in your weapons, in order to avoid difficult situations. After you kill all guards, sprint and pick up all ammo on the battlefield, then take cover behind a rock.

Harlan Wade will set the area on fire, therefore watch your steps. It is vital to avoid the flames and to move around, firing all the time.

If you follow these tips, you will have no problem in defeating Harlan Wade. After he dies, watch the cutscene and the final movie.

Congratulations! You completed F.E.A.R 3!

F.3.A.R Walkthrough
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