F.3.A.R Walkthrough

F.3.A.R Walkthrough: Interval 06 -– Bridge

Interval 06 -– Bridge is the sixth part (mission) in F.E.A.R 3, and the game guide below explains how to finish it. The guide refers strictly to this mission, but players can use the table of contents we included, to navigate through the full F.E.A.R 3 text walkthrough.

Interval 06 continues the events started in the previous mission. Jin informs Point Man that he must stop Alma and her project at all costs.

The mission begins with a cutscene showing Point Man and Fettel in a helicopter. Fettel tries to convince Point Man that they can work something out without killing Alma.

The helicopter crashes on a bridge and you will receive your first objective.

Objective 1: Cross the bridge and locate Becket

After you receive this objective, all you have to do is to follow the train cars and they will lead you to the exit. You have to jump and crouch several times, and one of the cars will fall into the sea. Make sure you move fast.

Don’t forget to investigate each train car, because you will find a pistol, the SMG and several glowing dead corpses.

You will not encounter any enemies inside the train cars and if you follow them you will reach a dead end.

To the right you will see a green ladder. Go up but be prepared because Armacham’s guards will wait for you.

Kill all troops and then approach the end of the bridge. Jump on one of the train cars below and advance. Your objective will change.

Objective 2: Find the stairs leading to the upper level of the bridge

Follow the train cars and kill the monstrosities that attack you, and then exit through the door on the right.

Continue down the bridge, through the train cars, but stay alert because more enemies will appear.

As long as you follow the train cars, you can’t get stuck, and eventually you will reach another dead end. Follow the stairs to the right, and clear the area.

Make sure you take out the Phase Caster first, otherwise he will spawn more soldiers and you will be overwhelmed. Use the slow-motion when you have a clear shot and put some bullets in the Phase Caster.

After he dies, take out the rest of the soldiers, and look for a door to the right. Enter and go up, on the stairs.

From there you will have a view over the next yard. Notice the Power Armor on the right. As you can see the Power Armor is protected by a force-field, and to deactivate the field you must access a laptop which is inside the green house to the left.

You can jump down and sprint to the laptop and then enter the Power Armor, or you can clear the yard, and activate it after all enemies are dead. One way or another, keep in mind that in this area you have to kill another Phase Caster.

When the area is cleared, explore the yard and using the Power Armor, destroy the barriers.

Now, continue down the bridge and destroy everything, including the helicopter that attacks you from the left, the Power Armors controlled by the guards, and all troops that try to stop you.

If you run out of health, stop and wait until the armor regenerates, then continue. Follow the road until you reach a dead end. To continue, you have to lower the bridge in front of you. The control panel is located inside the office to the left, on the top floor.

First, make sure you clear the area of enemies, and then exit the Power Armor. Go upstairs and kill the guards there. Interact with the control panel and the glowing corpse near the panel, to create a Psychic Link.

Go outside and enter the Power Armor. Advance, and cross the bridge you lowered. Make sure you are ready to fight against another Power Armor controlled by the guards. Destroy it and all the remaining troops, and then advance.

When you reach the end of the bridge, you will complete this interval.

You will unlock the Trouble Cross Achievement/Trophy and Interval 07 -– Port.

F.3.A.R Walkthrough
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