F.3.A.R Walkthrough

F.3.A.R Walkthrough: Interval 02 –- Slums

The second interval (mission) in F.3.A.R. (F.E.A.R 3) is called Slums. The guide below is a step-by-step walkthrough created with the purpose of helping players to finish this specific interval, faster.

Our F.3.A.R. Slums guide is part of the full text walkthrough for F.3.A.R., the first person shooter released on June 21, 2011.

You will start this interval inside the sewers, equipped only with your knife.

Move forward in the tunnel and you will receive your first objective.

Objective 1: Escape the slums surrounding the prison and get to Jin

Follow the tunnel and then go right.

Jump down and continue through the next tunnel until you reach its end.

Jump up and look to the right because is a glowing corpse there. Interact with it to create a Psychic Link.

Enter though the door and follow the stairs down, then go left. Another Psychic Link can be created using the corpse in front of you.

Get the soldier’s weapon, crouch and continue until you reach a large room.

Go left to get another Psychic Link, then move forward and enter the next tunnel.

Open the door and watch the small cutscene.

Make sure you pick up all the weapons dropped by the guards, then exit the room by going upstairs and to the left.

Cross the room featuring the broken steam pipes and jump off the balcony.

Follow the tunnel, to the left and when you reach its end, climb the stairs.

When you exit the tunnel, make sure you check the green car on the right, because there is another dead body on it. Create a Psychic Link and enter the next tunnel.

When you reach the end of this tunnel, enter the door to the right, and advance until you reach a ladder. Take a look on the ground because you will find another corpse. Interact with it for the Psychic Link and climb the ladder up.

When you reach the surface your objective will change.

Objective 2: Look for transportation out of the slums

As soon as you get out of the tunnels, take cover, because you will be attacked by multiple hostile forces.

All you have to do is to take them out and advance on the main street.

Don’t forget to take cover behind the tires and crates, and try to conserve your ammo.

Enter the house at the end of the street and take out the soldier. To exit this building, look for a door located in the small chamber to the left.

When you exit the house, take cover and make sure you check the house on the left for additional ammo. You will also find an Alma Doll, in a small entrance to the right, across the street.

The next building you should investigate after you clear the street is to the right. Make sure you investigate the back room, because you will find a glowing dead body.

Advance on the street until you see an ATV. Go right and look under the stairs, to the left for another Psychic Link body.

Follow the stairs up and immediately take cover. Some guards will attack you from the left. Make sure you kill them quickly and enter the house.

If you want to clear the next area faster, go upstairs and take the Sniper Rifle. From the balcony, clear the yard, but don’t forget to watch your back.

You can also opt to continue exploring the bottom floor and kill the guards with the weapons you have, and then go upstairs.

When the inner yard is clear, explore all houses. Your exit is on the left, through another building. When you reach this position, after you exit the house, make sure you check the left side of the yard for a trash container. Behind it is a glowing corpse. Return and follow the next stairs up.

Investigate the house and jump through the hole in the floor.

Kill all enemies you encounter in the next area, and search the houses for additional ammo.

Next, you have to follow the stairs on the left until you reach a balcony. The exit is through the door on the left, but you will be attacked here from multiple guards. Some of them are coming from the back.

Pick up the ammo using the ammo crate on the right and continue. If you reached this point, you should know that from now, all you have to do is to follow a series of doors. You can’t get stuck, but keep in mind to investigate each yard and building.

Eventually, you will reach a room featuring a large hole in one of the walls. Before jumping down make sure you are ready to fight against a large number of enemies, and a robot.

Jump down and try to reach the tall building on the right. There you will find a rocket launcher needed to take out the robot. When you destroyed it, clear the remaining forces and explore the area.

Your exit is through a wooden gate, on the left side of the main road.

Enter the next street and kill the guards, then explore the buildings. The exit is located to the right, inside a building. You have to reach the roofs and your objective will change when a helicopter appears.

Objective 3: Commandeer the Armacham Helicopter

To complete this objective and the second mission in F.3.A.R., you need to reach the chopper.

While this may look like an easy task, it isn’t. The reason is that one of the soldiers which stands on the higher roof, near the chopper. You will identify him fast because he uses his abilities to spawn more soldiers, and electrocute you.

The trick to complete this mission is to run from one cover point to another, without trying to clear the area, because this is an impossible task, since you can’t kill the soldier that spawns units. Keep in mind that all you have to do is to get near the chopper. Don’t waste your time trying to kill everyone, because the more time you spend on the roofs, the more soldiers will appear, and, eventually, you will be overwhelmed.

Get to a safe point, take cover and clear the area you need to follow, in order to reach the next safe point. Sprint and clear the next area.

Try not to fall off the rams, because you will die. There is also a ladder you need to climb and several boxes. When you are on top of the boxes, just run and go right, to reach the helicopter.

When you are near the Armacham Helicopter, a cutscene will start, and Interval 02 will be finished.

You will unlock the Get to the Chopper Achievement/Trophy and you will be able to play then next mission, called Interval 03 -– Store.

F.3.A.R Walkthrough
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