F.3.A.R Walkthrough

F.3.A.R Walkthrough: Interval 01 -– Prison

The first mission in F.3.A.R. is called Interval 01 -– Prison.

The game starts with Paxton Fettel explaining what happened to him in the previous title of the series.

The mission is played in Armacham Prison and the player starts the game inside a cell, equipped only with a knife.

Exit the cell, by opening the only door, and you will receive your first objective.

Objective 1: Escape Solitary

Continue through the corridor on the right and open the next gate.

Go left and then right and you will see a soldier trying to close a door to the right.

Use your melee attack and take him out, then pick up his gun. Go through the gate he was trying to close, and then go right.

Shoot the gate locker and go left again. Take cover behind the crates, because you will be attacked by several guards.

Jump over the crates and continue down the corridor until you reach a control room.

Use the control panel on the left to open the next gate.

Use the next crates to take cover and kill the guards that attack you.

Continue upstairs and use the ammo box to the right to get more ammunition and several grenades.

Follow the stairs and open the blue door, then take cover again. Use a grenade to take out the distracted guard, and then move forward, until you see a locked door to the left. Shoot the locker and advance.

When you reach the hole in the wall, crouch and continue, until you see a wooden door to the left.

Do not smash the door unless you are ready for a slow motion sequence, because the next room is filled with guards playing poker. Take them out fast, and then take cover, because more guards are in the hall in front of you, and in the next room to the right.

Use some grenades to clear the large hall and kill all remaining officers. The exit is at the end of the hall, to the right, then through the next gate on the left.

Continue down the corridor and activate your flashlight.

At the end of the corridor is a dead glowing body. Use it to create a psychic link, and then continue through the gate behind the corpse.

The next gate is to the right. Switch off the flashlight and move forward.

The next area is a large hall, filled with guards. Some of them are equipped with shotguns, while others will throw grenades at you. Make sure you take cover and don’t stay in one place, because some of the crates inside the hall can be destroyed by your enemies.

Don’t forget to check the upper levels of the hall, because you will find an ammo crate there, as well as enemies. The exit is also upstairs, and to get there you should follow the stairs on the right side of the room.

Go up until you reach a locked gate. Shoot the locker and follow the platform. Eventually, you will observe a door on the right.

Enter and go downstairs until you enter a room with a control panel on the right. Use the panel to switch off the alarm.

Take out all guards in the large hall and exit through the gates on the right, at the end of the room. Make sure you investigate the upper levels for additional ammo and weapons.

Proceed through the corridors until you reach an office. Take the guards out and follow the corridor on the right.

When you reach the kitchen, make sure you check the cell on the left, because near the ammo crate you will find a dead body. Interact with it to create another psychic link. While fighting the guards here, you should jump over the tables, instead of going around them.

To exit this area, reach the other side of the kitchen and follow the stairs up, until you enter a small office. Kill the guards there and shoot the locker of the first gate, to the right. Continue and you keep your eyes on the ground, because you will find another dead body, just in front of an ammo crate.

Make sure you use flashbang grenades to blind the guards in the next area. Take cover and keep your head down. The exit is on the other side of the platform you are standing on.

Get there and follow the stairs down.

If you go all the way down you will find a dead glowing body and several weapon crates, but to exit, you need to open the blue doors.

Turn on your flashlight and explore the cells. There is only one way out, therefore you can’t get stuck here, but there are several dead bodies hidden. One of them can be found in a cell to the left. The second is under the stairs that you need to follow, and the third is behind the crates when you reach the top floor. Use these bodies for additional psychic links.

When you exit through the next blue doors, your objective will change.

Objective 2: Find a way out before the prison explodes

To complete this objective all you have to do is to follow a corridor. You can’t get lost because there is only one way out, and is well guarded.

You have to explore each opened cell because there are many hidden corpses that will allow you to rank up faster.

Don’t rush because the prison won’t explode while you are still inside.

The last area is filled with guards. Take cover and don’t waste your ammo, if you don’t have a clear shot.

When you clear the large hall, and all enemies are dead, a cut scene will start and the mission will be complete. You will also unlock the Prison Impossible Achievement/Trophy. The next mission is called Interval 02 -– Slums.

F.3.A.R Walkthrough

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