Explodemon Cheats and Trainers

Explodemon Cheats and Trainers

The following cheating guide, is addressed to all Explodemon fans who have purchased the PC version of the game, and wish to cheat it.

The game guide introduces a trainer that allows players to activate three cheat codes (cheats) in order to gain invulnerability, unlimited coins and unlimited credits.

The trainer works only on PC, and it is not compatible with Explodemon for PlayStation 3.

The guide also offers the full translation for the trainer’s options; therefore, it can be used worldwide.

Explodemon is a platform video game developed and published by Curve Studios for PS3 and PC.

It is also a downloadable title, which became available on February 8, 2011 for PS3, and in August 2011 for PC.

Rated E for Everyone, the game allows players to assume the role of a superhero named Explodemon, who can blow himself up in order to destroy his enemies.

According to the game’s developers, Explodemon is a “a loving parody of badly translated action games and everything that they embody”.

How to cheat in Explodemon on PC

If you wish to cheat in Explodemon and activate the codes below, make sure you follow these steps.

Even if the trainer is in German, you will be able to use it, but keep in mind that it was developed for 64-bit systems; therefore there is no guarantee that it works on all platforms.

Download the free Explodemon trainer from DLH.net.

Extract all files included in the gghz-exptrn.rar archive

Copy the files in the game’s directory

Start the trainer and then the game.

Explodemon List of Cheat Codes (Cheats)

After you start the trainer and the game, you gain access to three cheat codes.

Press the following keys to activate them.

NUMPAD 1 – Infinite health. God Mode/Invulnerability.

NUMPAD 2 – Adds 100 coins to your current amount.

NUMPAD 3 – Adds 500.000 credits in the shop. Make sure you activate this cheat while in the shop.

Explodemon Cheats and Trainers

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