Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: The Tumbledown Court

In The Tumbledown Court quest, Odo asks you to travel to the Glitterdelve Mine, where the royalists are located.

You must hurry, because among them is Queen Roslyn and if she is killed by Kassynder’s army, western Ehb will fall, and the 10th Legion’s war is lost.

To start the quest, enter the Causeway you opened in Stonebridge City.

Quest: Travel to Glitterdelve

Move forward in the Causeway until you reach the first save point, and then turn right.

At the end of the path is a portal which takes you to Frostspire Mountain.

Quest: Find the Royalists

Check the burning fire in front of you and continue down the path.

Make sure you examine the corpses, on the ground.

Continue following the road down the mountain and you will reach several stone ruins. Makes sure you take cover, because several catapults will fire at you, from the other side of the mountain. Dodge all the time and advance slowly.

Stay alert because Kassynder’s army will also attack you. Goblins and crusaders will try to kill you.

Follow the road down the mountain and you will see a save point to the right. Save your game and take a look at the large cannon in front of you.

To the left is a large wooden gate but it’s locked from the inside. You can’t open it at this time.

Follow the path to the right and kill Kassynder’s troops.

Eventually, you will reach an outpost to the right and if you continue you will meet a Royalist Sapper.

Quest: Find Ammunition

The sapper informs you that you need ammunition in order to fire the cannon and seal the cave’s entrance.

You also received a secondary quest called Making an Entrance. To solve it, you must go back to the Legion’s outpost you observed earlier. Here you will find the gunpowder.

Now, return to the large cannon near the save point and fire it. You will be attacked by Kassynder’s army. Kill the troops and enter the outpost, on the left. Here, you must kill more enemies. When you are done you will complete the Making an Entrance quest. Search the chests and return to the sapper.

Continue down the road and you will see another large canon aiming the cave’s entrance. Proceed forward and then left. The cannonball is inside a small outpost, but be careful because it is protected.

Kill the troops, pick up the cannonball and the items inside the chests, and return to the canon.

Fire the canon and kill the soldiers that attack you, and then continue down the road. Make sure you destroy the ice pillars, to clear the path.

Quest: Travel into the Mountains

Cross the waterfall and talk to Ibsen Yamas. He will give you two more quests:

Untamed Mountain

In Search of Solitude

Quest: Close the First Stonestream Conduit

Remember, that in Dungeon Siege 3 if you are lost, you can track quests. Open the Quest Log and select the quest you want to complete, then in the game, press Upon your D-Pad.

To find the First Stonestream Conduit, you must follow the road to the right, behind Ibsen.

You must defeat several spiders and ice gargoyles that block your way.

When you reach the location of the stonestream conduit, get ready to fight an Elder Frost Dakkenweyr.

After you defeat the Dakkenweyr, destroy the stonestream conduit, and you will be asked to find the second one.

Quest: Close the Second Stonestream Conduit

The Second Stonestream Conduit is near a save point, on the right side of the pass. The best way to find it is to use the GPS, by pressing the Up button on the D-Pad.

After you destroy the stonestream conduit, makes sur you save your game, and continue forward.

Pay attention to your minimap, because on the right is a small entrance in the mountain, and there you will find the lost Royalists you need to save in the Untamed Mountain Quest.

Assist them and defeat the spiders there, then they will follow you. The new objective is to escort the soldiers to safety. You can complete this objective while searching for the Third Stonestream Conduit.

Quest: Close the Third Stonestream Conduit

The third stonestream conduit is at the end of a road to the left. You must defeat a large army of spiders and ice gargoyles, if you want to complete this objective, but because you also have the royalists with you, they will assist you.

Destroy the stonestream conduit then return to Ibsen.

Talk to him and you will complete both quests:

Untamed Mountain

In Search of Solitude

Now, Ibsen wants you to Clear the Cave of Monsters.

Quest: Clear the Cave of Monsters

To start this quest and find the path that leads you to Ibsen’s cave, open your Quest Log and track the quest. Press Up on your D-pad and follow the GPS.

On your way, you must defeat multiple spiders and gargoyles, and when you reach the cave you must kill Prince Enjekki. Make sure you kill his gargoyles first, and then kill him.

When the cave is cleared, return to Ibsen and he will give you a Lodestar which can help you to find your way to the mine entrance.

Quest: Find the Entrance to the Mines

The path you must follow to the mines is marked by glowing stones. Of course, the GPS is more useful, but you can use both if you want.

Follow the path and you will reach the entrance to the mines. Make sure you destroy the ice pillars at the entrance.

Inside the cave, you must defeat several Darkenveyrs, and help Roderick.

When the enemies are dead, save the game and proceed forward. Roderick and Phineas will wait for you. Talk to them and you will find where Queen Roslyn is located.

Follow the path on the right and use the platform on the left when you reach the top of the cave. The platform will take you to a secret entrance.

Return to the main path and move forward.

Eventually you will enter The Deep Well.

You will see a soldier on the left and in front of him, a red crystal. Activate the crystal, and a platform will move.

Use the platform to get to the other side.

Follow the tunnels up and make sure you destroy the blue crystals. There are also two secret chambers to the right, and you will find two chests.

There is only one path inside the cave and it will take you to The Tumbledown Court.

When you reach the top, equip your heroes, and sell the items you don’t need, and then save the game.

Move forward and talk to Lord Dovensey and Queen Roslyn.

Lord Dovensey and Queen Roslyn will give you two more quests: Enemy at the Gates and Uninvited Guests.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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