Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: The Search for Survivors and Unanswered Questions

In this quest you have look for survivors of the attack on the Montabarron Estate. Some Legion descendants escaped the attacks, but Odo wants you to make sure that they haven’t been captured by the Lescanzi.

You must go to Raven’s Rill where you can complete both quests you received from Odo:

The Search for Survivors
Unanswered Questions

Quest: Travel to Raven’s Rill

When the quest starts, you are inside the Chapterhouse.

Exit to Pilgrim’s Road and cross the large wooden bridge.

Go right after you cross the bridge, and defeat the mercenaries attacking you.

Enter the military camp and kill the mercenaries there.

Look to the left side of the road and you will find a chest.

Exit the camp, following the road, but be careful because you will be attacked by a large group of mercenaries. Don’t forget to dodge their attacks and take out the rifleman first.

After you clear the area continue down the road and you will see a small entrance to the left. Go there and investigate the corpse. (Remember this position because here you must complete the quest given by Yacob)

More mercenaries will attack you. Kill them and then return to the main road and proceed forward.

When you reach the crossroads, go left first and you will find a chest, and then return to the main road and go right.

You will reach the entrance to Raven’s Rill.

Talk to Lucas, the man at the entrance and he will open the gate for you.

Quest: Search the Town

Enter the town and use the saving point on the right to save your game.

Proceed down the main road and you will see a NPC (Ludmila) who wants to give you a quest.

You found that Ludmila’s husband, Vaclav was killed by the mercenary and she wants you to kill Boris and avenge his husband’s death.

If you accept to kill Boris, you will receive the quest called: The Widow’s Revenge.

Continue down the road and investigate the town. Eventually, you will reach a point when a cutscene starts, and a new character is introduced, in our case, Alexei.

Alexei informs you that the town is surrounded by an army of mercenaries, and you must reach the Stormsong Cavern and talk to Leona, a Lescanzi woman. Alexei will meet you at the Stormsong Cavern.

Quest: Travel to Stormsong Cavern

After the dialogue ends, look to the right and you will see a vendor. Sell your items and use the money to equip your hero with better weapons.

Check your map and you will see that a new quest giver appear to the right. It is Anton and he can be found in front of his house.

Anton asks you to find a statue which was taken by the mercenary. If you accept you will receive a new quest, called A Prized Possession.

Return to the main road and proceed until you reach a small wooden bridge.

To the right, is another quest-giver, Yacob. Talk to him and he will ask you to free his fishing spot. You will receive a new quest, The Fishing Hole.

Save your game and then continue forward, until you enter the West Forest.

Continue down the road and take out the mercenaries attacking you.

Move forward and you will reach a crossroad. Go left.

Quest: Defeat Ottokar

As soon as you turn left you will be attacked by a large group of mercenaries, and Ottokar. You have to defeat him to complete the quest received from Anton.

When you engage your enemies, make sure you kill Ottokar’s lackeys first, starting with the ranged units.

After all of them are dead, attack Ottokar. Keep an eye on his hands and dodge every attack. When he attacks you will see that he puts his hands in the air. Dodge and strike, and dodge again.

After you defeat him you will complete the quest called A Prized Possession.

Loot Ottokar’s corpse and, explore his camp to the right, then return to the crossroads and follow the other road (to the right).

If you follow this path you will enter the Stormsong Cavern and inside you will find Leona.

Quest: Rescue the Prisoners

Leona will give you a key that opens the prisoners’ cages. Take it and follow the corridor to the left.

Save your game and continue.

Follow the tunnel and kill the mercenaries and the necromancers that attack you. Proceed forward until you reach another crossroad.

Follow the passage to the left and kill the mercenaries you encounter, and then investigate their camp. Search the weapon stands, the armor stands and the chest to the right. Equip the items you found and save the game.

Return to the last crossroad and go right.

There is only one tunnel to follow here. Move forward and kill the mercenaries you encounter. Search their small camps for additional gold and items, and you will reach another save point.

Continue down the stairs to the left, and clear the next camp, and then move on the stairs to the left, across the camp. Pick up the items, then return to the main road and follow the ramp to the right.

After you use the next save point, get ready to fight Barbat. He is one of the mercenary leaders and you must kill him in order to advance.

Continue through the tunnel and you will reach a large hall. Here you will have to talk to Vera. You will not be able to convince her to release the prisoners, and you must kill her.

The fight against Vera can be tricky, and depends on what character you picked at the beginning of the game.

Make sure you kill the Necromancers first; otherwise they will summon an army of skeletons.

Attack Vera only after you cleared the room and make sure you avoid her purple aura. When she launches her spells, try to dodge and avoid them at all costs.

You will notice that Vera also summons skeletons. Kill them and then attack the boss again.

After you killed her, check the large cave and open the prisoners’ gates. Here you will find your first companion (in our case, Anjali).

Open the other gate to complete the Rescue the Prisoners quest and check your quest log.

Quest: Escape the Cave

Now, that the prisoners are free, and you have a new companion, you need to find a way out of the cavern.

Head to the center of the room and Leona will appear, asking you to go to the Gunderic Manor and investigate it.

Leona will open a door for you, at the end of the hall. Proceed through the door and talk to the next NPC.

When the dialogue ends, search the room, for two chests. Destroy the barrels too and proceed through the next door.

Destroy more barrels and go up the ramp on the right.

Go down the ramp, and then left. Kill the mercenaries and continue forward, to exit the cave.

Proceed until you reach the first crossroad, and then go right.

Eventually you will reach a large gate. Open it and explore the yard, then enter the house. This is the Gunderic Manor.

Quest: Investigate Gunderic Manor

In the manor’s hall move forward and take a look at the portrait, then go upstairs.

Go right, until you reach the next hall and enter the room, through the door opened by the spirit.

In the small chamber, talk to the spirit of Alise Gunderic who will give you a new quest: A Wayward Soul.

You have to go back to the main room, but this time the manor is filled with skeletons and other creatures of darkness.

Make sure you are ready to fight and clear each chamber.

Go downstairs, to the main hall and enter the room to the right. Remember to destroy the barrels and pick up the equipment you find in your way.

Eventually, you will reach the manor’s kitchen. Continue through the chambers and kill everything that attacks you.

You will enter Gunderic Library of Arcana. Read the lore books located on the desks to the right and save your game, and then proceed downstairs.

Examine the large gate in front of you, but be careful because you will be attacked by a group of skeletons, coming from the left. Kill them and enter the next area through the door opened by them.

Continue forward and kill more skeletons, until you reach a medium room where you are attacked by bats.

Kill the bats and search the small balcony to the left, for a chest, then move forward.

Follow the central corridor and search all adjacent chambers, because there are several lore books and useful items.

When you reach the large library hall, make sure you save your game, before going downstairs.

When you are ready for a fight go downstairs and the skeletons will summon a Mire Horror. Kill the minions first, and then this boss, but make sure you stay mobile during the fight, in order to avoid his attacks.

When he is dead, pick up the missing piece that can be found in the garbage stockpile on one corner of the room.

Follow the stairs to the left and you will enter the central hall.

Insert the coalfire stone in the lever and open the large gate.

You just entered the Gunderic Manor Inner Sanctum.

Quest: Defeat Lord Gunderic

Here, you must find and kill Lord Gunderic.

When you enter the first room, check the cabinets for additional lore books, then go upstairs.

Search the room to the right for a weapons stand and a chest, then enter the center room.

Here, you will fight Lord Gunderic.

During this fight, keep in mind that Gunderic uses charged attacks. Avoid them by dodging, and you will survive.

Do not approach the boss when he strikes the ground with his sword, because you will take damage. Usually, when he prepares a special attack, Gunderic turns red. At this point, you should be ready to dodge.

Defeating Gunderic is vital to complete the quest given by Leona. When you killed the boss, return to the next chamber and talk to Leona. You will unlock your first deed (Lescanzi Ally) and the Lescanzi Ally Trophy/Achievement.

Ask Leona to teleport you out of the manor.

Now that you quickly returned to the manor’s front gate, enter again and follow the stairs up. Go forward, and you will be attacked by several bats. Kill them and search the room to the left.

Exit the main corridor and approach the door on the right and talk to the Magic Guardian. When he asks for the password, answer Nagog and the door will open. You will unlock the Solver of Ciphers Deed.

Now you need to find Gunderic’s Vault.

Quest: A Wayward Soul

Exit to the main corridor and head forward and then enter the room on the right.

Now, return to the Inner Sanctum, through the kitchen until you reach Leona again. Behind Leon is an unopened door. Enter the room and approach the artifact. Investigate it and then destroy it in order to finish the quest.

Search the room and pick up the items.

Ask Leona to teleport you outside and return to the village.

When you reach the town, talk to Anton, and you will complete the quest named A Prized Possession.

Anton will also tell you that you need to talk to Grigori. He is an old man which can be found across the road, near the vendor’s cart. He is dressed in white and he is sitting in front of his house. Talk to him, and use the vendor’s stand to sell the items you don’t use.

Now, you must travel all the way back to the Chapterhouse.

Before leaving the town, you can pick another quest from a woman called Tatyana. She can be found near the Lower’s Raven Rill exit gate, and the quest is called Hiding Out.

Quest: The Fishing Hole

Exit the town and you will see on your map, a small entrance to the right side of the road. You found a dead corpse here, and this is the place where you must use Yacob’s secret bait. Do this and kill the monsters that appear from the pond.

Return to Yacob.

Go back to the Chapterhouse and talk to Odo.

After you talk to Odo, you will receive a new quest, called Into the Mournweald.

Cross the bridge outside the Legion’s Chapterhouse and go left, then forward, until you reach a wooden gate.

Here you will talk to Florin who gives you The Unlucky Merchant quest.

The Unlucky Merchant

There is only one road to follow, but make sure you are ready you kill all mercenaries. Look around for chests and barrels.

You will reach a small encampment and you must defeat all enemies here. When the area is clear, Florin will appear and The Unlucky Merchant quest is complete.

You can use Florin’s cart to buy or sell items.

Save the game and continue down the road, until you reach a crossroads. To the right is the road to the Heroes’ Crypt, and to the left is the road to the Eastern Swamps.

Go left, to the Eastern Swamps, and continue down the road. You must kill several spiders that attack you.

Advance and you will reach a small mercenary camp. Here you will find Boris, and you must defeat him if you want to complete the Widow’s Revenge quest, you received from Ludmila, in Raven’s Rill.

Turn in the quest, in Raven’s Rill and you will unlock the Avatar of Ultimate Virtue Deed.

Now, since you solved all quests in this area, you can return to the Chapterhouse. The Hiding Out quest will be solved in the next part.

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