Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: The Battle for Raven’s Rill

In The Battle for Raven’s Rill quest, Odo asks you to infiltrate the Raven’s Rill and free the citizens.

You must find and kill Rajani, who sent the Lescanzi mercenaries to hunt you and all the descendants of the Legion.

To start this quest, open the Causeway. It can be found inside the Chapterhouse, at the end of the large hall, near Armand the vendor.

Activate and enter the portal.

Quest: Traverse the Causeway

After you enter the portal you will be teleported to the Rukkenvahl Causeway.

Follow the path forward and you will reach a crossroads. You must go right here, but if you continue forward, you will find a chest, at the end of the path.

Open the chest, then return and go right.

Enter the next portal.

Quest: Enter the Upper Rill

The portal teleported you to Gunderic Mausoleum.

The mausoleum is a small place, but is filled with treasures. The creatures you encounter here are the Gargoyles.

Take your time and investigate this place, because it also features a hidden room (located on the top floor, to the right); however you must destroy a wall to find it.

After you pick up all items, exit through the gate on the other side of the mausoleum and you will enter Raven’s Rill Graveyard.

Expect to fight packs of skeletons in the graveyard.

As long as you stick to the road, you can’t get lost, because there is only one way to exit this place. Make sure you investigate each area, for additional gold and items.

Eventually, you will reach a necromancer boss named Zaria. Use the same tactics you used to defeat Vera, and you will survive, and then, continue down the road, until you reach the graveyard’s exit gate.

Save the game and get ready because you will be attacked by another boss, named Vogomil.

Kill Vogomil’s lackeys, and then take care of him.

Proceed forward and you will enter the Upper Raven’s Rill.

Quest: Assault the Town Hall

Even if the Upper Raven’s Rill was conquered by mercenaries, it doesn’t mean that you can’t explore it.

Take your time and look behind houses and on porches, because there are many hidden chests in the town.

Advance slowly and kill all mercenaries.

Cross the wooden bridge on the right and kill Ilas, one of the mercenary leaders. After you kill him, be prepared because a door will open and you will be attacked by more mercenaries and Marek.

Kill them all, then save your game and enter the Town Hall.

Here you must defeat Rajani.

The fight has two phases. During the first phase, Rajani summons blue pools, where you stand. These pools drain your focus points. Stay away from them and move around.

During the second phase, she can teleport and she randomly summons more pools. Additionally, she uses missiles attacks. Avoid the pools and the missiles by dodging. Pay attention to your companion and if she/he falls, revive him/her.

If you kill the archon Rajani, you will unlock the Trial by Fire Trophy/Achievement.

Quest: Rescue Lazar

After you kill Rajani, explore the Town Hall, especially the room on the left, where you will find a lore book and two chests

Exit to the main hall and follow the corridor on the right.

Save your game and move forward down the stairs.

Use the levers on the walls, to open the cells and explore them, then, open the last cell on the left, to save Lazar.

Quest: Talk to Rajani

After you talk to Lazar, return to the hall where you killed Rajani and decide her faith.

Marten will teleport you back to the Chapterhouse as soon as you are ready.

Talk to Odo and he will give you another quest, called On the Road.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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