Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: Majority Rules

The quest called Majority Rules must be completed, in order to advance in Dungeon Siege 3.

To finish this quest, you must convince the Meisters of Stonebridge to join your cause and your war against Jeyne Kassynder.

Quest: Visit the Meisterhall

To get to the Meisterhall, exit the Grand Chapterhouse in Stonebridge and head forward.

Go down the first ramp and pass the two large gates. When you reach the central plaza, you will see a large device in the middle.

Turn left and the next building is the Meisterhall.

Save your game and continue forward in the building. A dialogue with Sigismund Wulf will start. Talk to him and you will gain an audience with the Meisters of Stonebridge.

Make sure you investigate the Meisterhall and then proceed, and address the Council.

After you address the Council you need to win three votes from the Council’s members. Talk to them and you will receive three quests:

Mudgutter will give you the Trouble in the Crypts quest

Rorik Kassel wants you to complete the Strike! Quest

Fiddlewick wants you to decide the Krug’s Fate, included in the Meditations quest.

Since the Krug is inside the Meisterhall, you should complete the Meditations quest first.

Quest: Decide the Krug’s Fate

You will find the Krug outside the Council’s chamber to the left. Talk to him and listen his story.

You should decide that the Krug’s place is in jail, where he is safe. Talk to the Automaton near the cell and tell him your decision.

When you finish, the fourth companion will be introduced, in our case Reinhart Manx. You will unlock the We are Legion Achievement/Trophy for finding your fourth companion.

Return to Fiddlewick and talk to him. He will ask you to solve another quest which involves a property dispute between Hans and Baron Barrenbaron. Return to the Chapterhouse and you will find both of them there.

Solve this dispute and go back to Fiddlewick. Keep in mind that your final decision will not affect the course of events, and it will be respected. After you talk to Fiddlewick again you will complete the Meditations quest.

Now, it is time to complete the rest of the quests and earn more votes. The first one is called Strike!.

Quest: Talk to Deter Snell

Deter Snell is a foreman and he works in the Foundry. Meister Kessel asked you to solve the situation at the Foundry and he will vote for you.

Open your quest log and track the Strike! quest.

Press the Up button on your D-Pad and follow the path indicated by your GPS.

When you reach the blocked gate, talk to the Automaton Constable and tell him that Kessel sent you.

Follow the road and you will reach the Great Foundry.

Explore the Foundry and you will find Deter Snell, who will ask you to defeat the Cyclops Leader. He also gives you a new quest called Cogs and Wheels.

To complete the Cogs and Wheels quest you must restart five gearworks inside the Foundry.

Quest: Defeat the Cyclops Leader

The Foundry is a complex place, ans also a very rich one. Make sure you activate your GPS to find the right path.

Look around because there are many hidden chests containing valuable items.

You should kill the goblins first and the Cyclops after, because the goblins throw bombs and they are very dangerous.

There is only one path inside the Foundry and you can’t get stuck here as long as you follow the GPS.

Eventually, you will find Albert Lutz, who asks you to free him, the Metalsmith and the Shift Supervisor. If you do it, you will complete the Hostage Situation quest.

All cages are located nearby and they are marked on your minimap, but be careful because they are protected. Release the prisoners and move forward.

The last boss in the Foundry is Ergomentheus. You must fight with him, and to win the battle you must avoid his smashing attacks. Use the same tactics that you used to defeat all Cyclops before him, and you will beat him.

When the fight its over, hear his plea and take the key he gives. Before leaving the area, make sure you check the right side of the chamber, because there is the last lever, which you must use to restart the gearworks. Destroy the pipes and you will be able to get near it.

Exit the foundry and talk to the characters outside. You will complete all the quests and gain additional experience.

Exit the Foundry and you will enter the Lower Ward. From here you can return to the Meisterhall, or you can start the next quest, called Trouble in the Crypts.

Quest: Find the Gang of Thieves

After you exit the Foundry, follow the road on the left and head forward until you reach a save point.

In this area you can pick up two additional quests.

Sweacog, to the right, will ask you to destroy his Automaton, if you want to complete the Major Malfunction quest.

Hermann Holtzman, to the left will ask you to find some Legion artifacts, in a quest called Cryptic Inheritance.

Pick up these two quests and enter the Crypts of the Sacred Blood.

Quest: Find the Gang of Thieves

Move forward and check the sarcophagus on the left, then the one on the right.

Save your game and continue.

Your objective will change and you must find the Master Thief.

As you can see the Crypt is a place similar to the Foundry.

Use the GPS to find the right path, and make sure you investigate each chamber, chest and desk. After you extend the first bridge, search the room on the right and you will find a parchment on a table. Read it and you will start the Stolen Shipments quest.

Don’t leave the crypts until you complete all quests there, because when you complete a quest, the amount of experience points is higher than the amount you earn by killing monsters.

The GPS is your compass and will lead you all the way through the labyrinth. Use it and you will have no problems in finding the artifacts, the stolen shipments and the final boss.

After you complete all quests, exit the crypts and you will find out that the Dapper Old Gent unleashed an army of Automatons upon Stonebridge.

Your new main quest is called the Automaton Rebellion and you must protect the Meisters.

Quest: Protect the Meisters

Follow the road to the right and kill the automatons including the Firestorm XE boss.

Continue down the road and save your game, and then move forward.

You have to follow a unique path, therefore you can’t get stuck, however with each turn, you must defeat packs of Automatons, including the Thunderstorm XE.

Kill him then return to the Meisterhall and talk to Wulf.

Enter the room behind the Meisterhall and use the Causeway portal to follow the Dapper Old Gent.

The Dapper Old Gent is an easy boss as long as you focus on destroying his machinery. His devices are used to spawn Automatons, and you need to take them out, or you will be overwhelmed.

Make sure you stay away from the yellow lightnings because they inflict massive damage. Also avoid the spells he casts on the ground. You will notice that next targeted area is marked by a sign on the ground.

When the devices are destroyed attack the boss and you will win.

After you defeat the Dapper Old Gent, you will be returned to the Meisterhall. Here you must decide his fate, and you will also complete the Automaton Rebellion and the Majority Rules quests.

Now, since you have an army, you can opt to attack Jayne Kassynder or you can postpone the final attack.

Make sure you completed all quests, and when you are ready, talk to Mayor Grimmelhaus and you will start the quest called On Holy Ground.

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