Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough: A Gathering in the North

The video game starts with an introductory movie, revealing the past of your hero.

You received a letter from Odo, who asks you to join the other descendants of the 10th Legion members, to your father’s house, the Montbarron Estate.

A Gathering in the North is the first quest you have to complete in Dungeon Siege 3.

Quest: Travel to Montbarron Estate

After you receive this quest, all you have to do is to travel down the road until you reach the Montbarron Estate. You can’t get stuck here because there is only one road to follow.

You will notice that the house was attacked and after you enter the gates, you will receive another quest.

Quest: Look for survivors

After you enter the estate’s yard, move forward to the large stairs in front of you. Three corpses can be observed on the ground. Press RB (on Xbox 360) to interact and find additional information regarding each person.

Continue up the stairs and look to the right for another corpse.

Enter the house.

In the main hall, on the left side of the red carpet is a letter. Read it.

Another letter can be found in the same room but on the right side of the ventilation system hole, which can be observed on the floor.

Two more bodies can be found in the same room to the right.

Proceed through the door on the left and advance. There is a chest on the left side of the corridor. Open it and pick up the item you found.

Equip it and continue down the stairs. When you reach the lower floor, look to the left near the stairs for another chest and a letter. Read the letter and open the chest.

There is another corpse near the next stairs, to the left.

Go downstairs and destroy the barrels, then kill the mercenaries that attack you. To the right you can see another corpse and a chest. Interact with the first and open the second.

Don’t forget to equip the items you found.

Continue to the next chamber and then downstairs. Get ready because you will be attacked by several mercenaries.

Clear the room and a gate will open. Before leaving this area, destroy all barrels for additional gold and search the right side of the chamber for a chest.

Get near the door opened by Marten Guiscard and talk to him.

After the dialogue, you will complete the second quest and Marten will ask you to destroy three powder kegs.

Quest: Destroy the Bridge

Take your time and investigate each floor of the chamber. Destroy the barrels and the crates for additional gold, and then go downstairs.

When you reach the bottom floor look to the left and you will see a chest.

Destroy all barrels and vases, and then go downstairs, until you see the bridge.

The first barrel is to the left. Press RB (on Xbox 360) to light the fuses, then continue. The second keg is to the right and the third is to the left.

When the bridge explodes, you will complete the third objective and a cutscene starts.

After the cutscene, talk to Marten Guiscard and find additional info about your objective and the 10th Legion. Marten tells you that you should search for survivors at the Legion Chapterhouse.

Quest: Locate the Chapterhouse

You will see a yellow light to the left, when you start this quest. Use it to save your game, and then go right. You will find a chest there.

Return to the starting point and continue down the road.

You can’t get lost because all you have to do is to follow the road. To the right side of the road, is a destroyed chest. Pick up the item inside and continue.

After several turns you will reach a wooden gate. Look to the left for a chest, containing several gold coins, and then open the gate.

Enter the military camp and check the first wagon to the right for a bounty notice.

Investigate the camp, and pick up the weapons and the gold you find, and then leave the camp.

Continue down the road until you see a large bridge to the right. If you move forward, you will reach another military camp, but you have to fight several mercenaries. Do it, because there are chests there and you will gain extra experience points, then return and cross the bridge.

As you can see the road is blocked by a bounty hunter, named Bogdan. Talk to him but make sure you are ready for a fight, because he will attack you. Don’t forget to dodge and to use your special attacks, to defeat him, and then take care of his lackeys.

After you clear this area, loot the corpses and continue through the large door in front of you.

Enter the Chapterhouse and you will find Odo. Talk to him and you will receive two quests: The Search for Survivors and Unanswered Questions.

Before leaving the Chapterhouse, make sure you investigate every room, because there are many chests here as well as lore books. Pick them up and equip the items you need. You can transmute the rest for additional gold.

When you’re ready to continue, exit the Chapterhouse using the same door you used to enter.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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