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Dungeon Siege 3 Game Guide: Deeds

In Dungeon Siege 3, players who complete specific quests or they adopt a specific behavior towards some playable or non-playable characters, will be able to unlock deeds.

These deeds should not be confused with the game’s achievements/trophies, even if some of them may present similarities.

During the game, each unlocked deed modifies the character’s attributes, such as Will, Agility, Stamina, Attack,etc… It is important to know that after a deed is unlocked, the character’s attribute is permanently modified, and it can’t be changed.

Additionally, players should also be aware because if they miss one deed, they will not be able to unlock it, without restarting the game.

One example can be the Proletarian Hero deed which is unlocked by completing a quest called Strike!.

If the player decides that the Cyclops should have different rights than humans and goblins, the deed will remain locked. In other words, most of these deeds depend on the player’s choices during his adventures in the Kingdom of Ehb.

Players who wish to find additional information about what is a deed in Dungeon Siege 3, should visit the help topic available in the game’s menu:

Deeds are special rewards given when your heroes accomplish certain milestones or make certain decisions in a conversation. Every Deed provides a small (but permanent) bonus to your hero’s stats. You can review your Deeds at any time, from the Player Menu.

Dungeon Siege 3 List of Deeds

The list below reveals some of the deeds that can be unlocked by players, in Dungeon Siege 3. The list also includes the tasks that must be completed for these deeds, and the associated rewards.

Enduring Champion: – You have sustained 100,000 points of damage during your adventure.
Reward: +2 Stamina

Fulltime Hero: – You have completed 10 side quests.
Reward: +2 Stamina

Lorekeeper: – You have completed 30 entries in your collection of Ehb Lore
Reward: +3 Will

Merchant of Ehb: – You sold at least 100,000 coins worth of items.
Reward: + 2 Agility

Savior of Ehb: – You have completed 20 side quests.
Reward: +3 Stamina

We are Legion: – You have gathered all the known descendents of the Legion.
Reward: +4 Stamina

Celestial Ally: – You have earned the trust of archon, Anjali.
Reward: +2 Attack

Montbarron Ally – You have earned the trust of Lucas Montbarron.
Reward: +2 Stamina

Loyal Guardian: – Lucas is impressed by the choices you have made, and you have earned his steadfast loyalty.
Reward: +3 Stamina

Loyal Guardian: – You have gained the trust of Reinhart, scholar of Stonebridge.
Reward: +3 Will

Comrade in Arms: – Lucas regards you as a true example of Legion principles. His loyalty to you is absolute.
Reward: +5 Stamina

Solver of Ciphers: – You have discovered the password to the magically sealed door in Gunderic Manor.
Reward: +2 Agility

Avatar of Ultimate Virtue: You refused every reward offered to you by the humble villagers of Raven’s Rill.
Reward: +5 Will

Royalist Ally: You have shown unwavering support to the Crown.
Reward: +5 Stamina

Liberator: You freed all prisoners in the Spire dungeon.
Reward: + 5 Agility

Proletarian Hero: Thanks to you, the Cyclops workers in the Foundry will enjoy the same rights as humans or goblins.
Reward: +3 Attack

Legion Redeemer: You spared the Dapper Old Gent from the wrath of the city authorities and offered him sanctuary with the Legion.
Reward: + 3 Will

Lescanzi Ally – You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to the Lescanzi witch, Leona.
Reward: +3 Will

Gracious in Victory – You spared the life of the archon, Rajani and proved that the Legion can be merciful, even to its enemies.
Reward: +2 Will

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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