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Dungeon Siege 3 Characters Guide: Lucas Montbarron

Lucas Montbarron or simply Lucas is one of the four playable characters included in Dungeon Siege 3. Unlike the rest, Lucas is the son of the Grand Master of the Legion, which makes him a direct descendant of the 10th Legion.

Even if the player decides to assume the role of another character, such as KatarinaAnjali or Reinhart Manx, the story’s plot will revolve around Lucas Montbarron.

In Dungeon Siege 3, Lucas’s description reveals a small part of his history, as well as some of his fighting techniques.

Lucas Montbarron is the son of the former Grand Master of the Legion. He is the last of a noble and respected line. Raised in a series of safehouses by families loyal to his father’s memory, Lucas will not rest until the Legion is rebuilt, and his family’s honor is restored.

Lucas is a skilled swordsman, and a master of two combat stances. He can fight with a sword and shield, which allows him to attack quickly, and interrupt and stun single targets. When outnumbered, he wields a massive two-handed sword. While slower to swing and less practical for one-on-one combat, he can use it to strike multiple foes and knock them back, making it an ideal weapon for crowd control.

The guide below was created exclusively for Lucas Montbarron. It presents all his abilities, proficiencies and talents, with the purpose of helping players decide if Lucas Montbarron is the Dungeon Siege 3 character they should play with.

Lucas Montbarron Recruit Abilities

Shield Pummel:
One Hand Stance – Lucas bashes the enemy with his shield, dealing 20% of normal damage and stunning his opponents for 3 seconds.
Empowered – When empowered, Shield Pummel affects all enemies in an arc in front of Lucas.

Blade Dash:
Two-handed Stance – Lucas dashes forward in the blink of an eye, slashing through any enemies in his path.
Empowered – An empowered Blade Dash causes Lucas to repeatedly dash from one enemy to the next until her runs out of Power, or enemies.

Graceful Repose:
Defensive – Lucas enters a state of repose regenerating 50% of his health over the next 30 seconds.
Empowered – The benefits of Graceful Repose are applied to the entire party, when the ability is empowered

Lucas Montbarron Legionnaire Abilities

Heroic Charge:
One-handed Stance – Lucas charges into battle, delivering a powerful attack.
Empowered – An empowered Heroic Charge, knocks down Lucas’s target and inflicts significantly more damage.

Wind Shear:
Two-handed Stance – Lucas slashes through the air, creating a vortex that cuts through enemies in his path. After hitting 8 enemies, the shear dissipates.
Empowered – When empowered, every enemy struck by Lucas’s Wind Shear blast, is knocked down.

Shield Wall:
Defensive – Lucas shrugs off blows by force of will, increasing Armor by 20% for 30 seconds.
Empowered – Shield Wall’s benefits are extended to the entire party when empowered.

Lucas Montbarron Master Abilities

Vanguard’s Strike :
One-handed Stance- Lucas leaps into the air and dives down, delivering a punishing attack.
Empowered – When empowered, Vanguard Strike knocks down Lucas’s target, as well as nearby enemies.

Earthrending Strike :
Two-handed Stance – Lucas slams his sword into the ground, causing an eruption of energy from the earth damaging all enemies in a cone in front of him.
Empowered – An empowered Earthrending Strike, extends in a full circle around Lucas, and knocks down all affected enemies.

Unbridled Wrath:
Defensive – Lucas taps into his inner wrath, regenerating Focus for the next 30 second.
Empowered – The entire party benefits from Unbridled Wrath when the ability is empowered.

Lucas Montbarron Proficiencies

Shield Pummel:
Brutal Pummel – Shield Pummel does an additional 2°% damage per rank in Brutal Pummel.
Impetuous Slam – Shield Pummel gains a 20% chance per rank in Impetuous Slam, to knock down opponents.

Blade Dash:
Hemorrhage – Blade Dash deals an additional 20% damage, per rank in Hemorrhage, to bleeding targets.
Lightning Precision – Lucas learns to instantly target vital areas, gaining 10% chance to critically hit with his Blade Dash per rank in Lightning Precision.

Graceful Repose:
Live by the Sword – While under the effects of Graceful Repose, Lucas gains 5% Life steal per rank in Live by the Sword.
Combat Rage – Disruption of Lucas’s Graceful Repose enrages him, gaining 5% more Power from Damage Taken per rank in Combat Rage.

Vanguard’s Strike:
Vanguard’s Gale – Vanguard’s Strike pushes nearby enemies 1 meter and slows them by 10% for 5 seconds. Each rank adds 1 meter pushback and +10% slow.
Valorous Renewal – When Lucas defeats an enemy with Vanguard’s Strike, he regains 5 Focus per rank in Valorous Renewal.

Heroic Charge:
Willful Charge – Lucas gains an additional 20% bonus ability DPS per rank when using Heroic Charge.
Executioner’s Charge – Heroic Charge automatically critically hits any target with less than 10% health. This percentage increases by 10% per rank.

Shield Wall:
Deflecting Shield – While under the effects of Shield Wall, Lucas’s Block Value goes up 20% per rank in Deflecting Shield.
Reflexive Defense – While under the effect of Shield Wall , Lucas reflects 10% per rank of melee damage inflicted upon him back to his attacker.

Wind Shear
Wounding Gale – Wind Shear gains a 20% chance, per rank in Wounding Gale, to apply the bleeding status effect to opponents.
Slowing Shear – Creatures affected by Wind Shear are slowed by 10% per rank in Slowing Shear.

Earthrending Strike:
Tremor – Enemies affected by Earthrending Strike have a 20% chance to be knocked down per rank in Tremor.
Magnitude – Each rank of Magnitude extends the range of Earthrending Strike by 2 meters.

Unbridled Wrath:
Unstoppable Wrath – While under the effects of Unbridled Wrath, Lucas has a 20% chance to ignore interruption from enemy attacks per rank in Unstoppable Wrath.
Endless Wrath – While under the effect of Unbridled Wrath, Lucas’s Focus Regeneration is increased by an additional 10% per rank in Endless Wrath.

Lucas Montbarron Talents

Devastating Criticals: – Critical Hits deal an additional 10% bonus damage per rank.

Force of Will: – Lucas gains 10% of his Will as Attack DPS. Each rank grants an additional 10%.

Victory Rush :– When Lucas defeats an opponents, there is a 4% chance, per rank in Victory Rush, that he will regain 10% of his health.

Wrathful Might: – Lucas receives a 4% bonus to Attack per rank in Wrathful Might.

Focused Strikes: – Lucas gains a 4% chance, per rank in Focused Strikes, to generate additional focus when attacking enemies.

Rejuvenation: – Whenever Lucas is healed, the amount of healing is increased by 4% per rank in Rejuvenation.

Trade Master: – Lucas is able to sell items for 4% more coins per rank in Trade Master.

Cull the Weak: – Lucas gains an additional 2% chance per rank to critically hit enemies with less than one third of their health remaining.

Death Defying: – Lucas gains a 7% chance, per rank in Death Defying, to shrug off attacks when he is under 25% health. Shrugged off attacks deal no damage.

Focused Rage: – Lucas gains a 5% chance, per rank in Focused Rage, to generate Focus when damaged by enemies.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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