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Dungeon Siege 3 Characters Guide: Katarina

Katarina is another playable character available in Dungeon Siege 3, the role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

Unlike Anjali, Katarina is a direct descendant of the 10th Legion, even if she is the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarron.

Katarina prefers to attack her enemy from distance, using rifles and pistols. If needed, she can also use spells to defend herself and heal her companions.

The guide below, reveals Katarina’’s abilities, talents and proficiencies, which can be used by players in Dungeon Siege 3, but only if they play as Katarina.

In the game, Dungeons Siege 3 players can also find additional information about this Katarina‘s history.

Katarina is the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarron – the former Grand Master of the Legion – and a Lescanzi witch. Her mother’s people are nomads and wanderers, distrusted by many people of Ehb…but they are skilled in both warfare and magic, and Katarina has been trained in their ways.

Katarina takes a thoroughly practical approach to conflict resolution: stay out of the sword’s reach and settle your problems with firearms. With her riffle in hand, she can fell distance foes, and even the most resilient enemy can be brought down by her ensorcelled bullets and debilitating curses. When forced into closed combat, Katarina uses sorcery and a pair of short-range side arms to repel attackers.

Katarina Recruit Abilities

Heartseeking Shot:
Rifle – Fires a powerful rifle shot that inflicts heavy damage and is more likely to score a Critical Hit. Targets that survive are knocked down.
Empowered – When empowered, Heartseeking Shot fires a spread of deadly projectiles instead of one single shot.

Caress of Suffering:
Dual-wielding – Katarina places a painful curse on a target, stunning her victim and inflicting lingering injury for 13 seconds.
Empowered – Empowered Caress of Suffering inflicts more damage and bounces from enemy to enemy, cursing multiple targets.

Charm of Eternal Life:
Defensive – Katarina invokes an ancient healing ritual that slowly regenerates 50% of her health over 30 seconds.
Empowered – Charm of Eternal Life benefits every member of the party when empowered.

Katarina Legionnaire Abilities

Chosen Prey :
Rifle – Curses an enemy to suffer more Critical Hits for 13 Seconds. If a cursed enemy dies, a spiritual blast will injure nearby enemies.
Empowered – Empowered Chosen Prey curses Katarina’s intended target, as well as nearby enemies.

Warding Ritual:
Dual Wielding – Katarina calls fourth a surge of energy that knocks back all nearby attackers.
Empowered – When empowered, Warding Ritual causes all affected enemies to remain rooted in place for a short period of time.

Call of the Hunt:
Defensive – Call of the Hunt blesses Katarina with stronger attacks for 30 seconds.
Empowered – When empowered, the entire party benefits from Call of the Hunt.

Katarina Master Abilities

Flintlock Furry:
Rifle – Katarina fires a continuous hail of bullets as long as the attack is held or until she runs out of focus.
Empowered – When empowered, Katarina’s Flintlock Fury causes additional damage until the attack is stopped or Katarina runs out of Power.

Black Hound Familiar:
Dual Wielding – Katarina summons a ghostly hound to fight by her side.
Empowered – Empowered Black Hound Familiar causes Katarina’s hound to emit a terrifying howl – reducing the attack and defense of nearby foes.

Thorned Rose:
Defensive – For 30 Seconds, each time Katarina is wounded, she has 33 chance to inflict injury back at her attacker.
Empowered – All party members gain the benefits of Thorned Rose when empowered.

Katarina Proficiencies

Charm of Eternal Life:
Soul Thief – Charm of Eternal Life grants Katarina additional healing when she wounds enemies.
Zone of Sanctity – While Charm of Eternal Life is active, Katarina’s armor is increased by 15% per rank.

Warding Ritual :
Painful Rebuke – Painful Rebuke upgrade Warding Ritual to cause damage to nearby foes, in addition to its normal effects.
Chilling Gate – Enemies hit by Warding Ritual are slowed by 12% per rank, for 13 seconds.

Chosen Prey:
Creeping Dread – Victims affected by Chosen Prey suffer reduced speed and attack power.
Life Thief – Katarina recovers Hit Points and Focus each time an enemy dies under the effect of Chosen Prey.

Call of the Hunt:
Perfect Shot – Increases Katarina’s Agility while Call of the Hunt is active.
Crow’s Feast – Katarina heals a small amount of Hit Points when she causes damage during Call of the Hunt.

Caress of Suffering:
Schadenfreude – Katarina recovers Hit Points and Focus each time she kills an enemy cursed by Caress of Suffering.
Excruciate – Caress of Suffering reduces an affected enemy’s armor and attack power.

Heartseeking Shot:
Rapid Fire – If an enemy is killed by Heartseeking Shot, Katarina recovers 6 Focus per rank of Rapid Fire.
Magic Bullet – Heartseeking shots have a 5% chance per rank of Magic Bullet to ricochet into additional targets.

Thorned Rose:
Aspect of Thorns – Increases the damage reflected by Thorned Rose
Entangling Wrath – Enemies injured by Thorned Rose suffer slowed movement.

Black Hound Familiar:
Woman’s Best Friend – Increases the attack power and Hit Points of the Black Hound Familiar
Shadow Link – Damage inflicted by Black Hound heals a small amount of Katarina’s Hit Points.

Flintlock Fury:
Suppressive Fire – Increases the knockback of Flintlock Fury and slows enemies caught by the shots.
Rampage – Increases the damage of Flintlock Fury attacks.

Katarina Talents

Steady Aim: – Katarina’s total Agility score is increased by 4% per rank.

Markswoman: – Katarina’s Rifle shots gain 4% chance per rank of ricocheting to a second target.

Call Your Shots: – Each time Katarina kills a target cursed by Caress of Suffering or Chosen Prey she recovers 2 points of Focus per rank.

Rites of Restoration: – Every time Katarina receives any healing, the amount of health recovers is increased by 4% per rank.

Critical Precision: – Katarina’s Critical Hits inflict 4% more damage per rank of Critical Precision.

First Strike: – Katarina gains 3% per rank bonus chance to score a Critical Hit on an injured target.

Swift Defense: – Katarina’s Block is increased by 10% per rank of her Agility.

Spiritual Backlash: – Each Time Katarina is hit, there is a 4% per rank chance her assailant will be pushed away from her.

Thrill of the Hunt: – Katarina regains 5% per rank of her Power each time she inflicts a Critical Hit.

Surprise Attack: – Katarina inflicts damage on any enemy caught in the path of her dodge.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough
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