Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Underground

Players, who completed the Generator Room level in Duke Nukem Forever, will enter the Underground. This chapter features two parts, and in the second part, Duke Nukem must explore several underwater areas.

Players will observe that the second part of this chapter is harder than the first part, because Duke’s movement speed is reduced while swimming.

Additionally, the payer must keep an eye on Duke’s amount of oxygen, displayed by a blue bar at the bottom of the screen. Since this bar empties fast, the chapter’s difficulty increases even more.

Below is a walkthrough for the Underground chapter of Duke Nukem Forever.

It is a useful text guide created for those players who wish to complete the level, without drowning or being killed by aliens. The guide explains the routes that must be followed by Duke Nukem who must find a way to exit the Underground tunnels.

When this chapter starts, swim up and look for an opened door.

Enter the next room and explore it. Make sure you pick up everything you find there and then, follow the only corridor.

You will arrive in a large hall featuring many large tentacles. Go forward until you reach a large generator; in the middle.

Jump and crouch to go under the tentacle then continue.

In the next area exit through the tunnel on the right and go upstairs. When you reach the top, push the red cabinet, the go downstairs. Push the second red cabinet inside the tunnel and then the third one, near the large fan.

The fan will stop. Jump in and then exit by climbing the ladder.

Proceed through the tunnel on the left, and then go upstairs until you reach an office.

Explore it and interact with the objects you find here, and then enter the next room, where you will see a vent balancing.

Shoot it and then jump on the crates to enter the ventilation system.

Move forward until you reach a dead end. Break the next vent and the first part of this chapter will end.

When this part starts, jump in the water, and dive.

The bubble streams will give you more air; therefore, look for them, because they also mark the path you need to follow.

You will reach a large door. Use the wheel on the left to open it, and then enter the next chamber. Stay away from the large fan, and go around it until you see another door, but this one is opened.

Proceed but be careful because you will be attacked.

Clear the way and swim further until you reach a ladder. Climb up and you will enter a room. Exit through the green door.

You will observe that you reached a room with four generators. Jump down and search every entrance, until you find a destroyed generator. Continue through the tunnel on the right and kill the Pigcops and the small aliens that appear.

Investigate each area until you see some stairs that will take you down.

Follow that tunnel and the chapter will end.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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