Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Shrunk Machine

The 17th chapter in Duke Nukem Forever is called The Shrunk Machine.

In this level, Duke Nukem must complete a series of challenges and puzzles; therefore the guide below can be useful to those players who don’t know how to complete this level.

The Shrunk Machine chapter is followed by a level called The Forkstop.

Our full Duke Nukem Forever game guide explains how to solve each chapter in the game, offering tips, tricks and full solutions to the puzzles that must be completed by players.

Follow the stairs down, and then enter the tunnel.

Move forward and you will see a door to the right. Enter and pick up the Freeze Ray.

The dam workers will open the next door for you.

Follow the tunnel but in the next room be careful because several Pigcops will attack you.

Explore every chamber and make sure you interact with all objects you see.

After this area is cleared, return to the tunnel which you used to get here, and a worker will wait for you.

He will open the next door and you will be able to exit this area.

When you leave, the first part of this chapter ends.

Go downstairs and open the only door you see.

Enter the room and you will notice that the road is blocked by several alien cocoons.

Use the valve, and the steam will melt them.

Continue and you will see another blockage. On your right there are several pipes and before using the valve you must align them. Use the levers and push the pipes around, then go back and interact with the valve.

After you melt the cocoons continue forward.

Clear the alien eggs and destroy the wooden planks blocking your way. Enter the next room but be careful because you will be attacked by aliens coming from the left.

Kill them and explore the room, then remove the highlighted wooden plank, and a ladder will appear.

Climb up and advance.

Eventually, you will see a shrinking platform. Use it and you will be attacked by several rats. Kill them and then go through the second ventilation system (not the one revealed by the rats you killed).

You will fall but don’t worry. In the next passage you must release a fan. Destroy the mop that blocks it and the air coming from the fan will push you up.

Enter the ventilation system and follow the tunnels. You can’t get stuck here because there is only one way to advance, but be careful and pay attention to the environment.

You have to climb some pipes and you have to shoot an electric resistance. You also have to jump on several gears and enter some tiny holes.

After you destroy all fusses, all gears and ventilators will stop, including the large ventilator on the other side of the room.

This is your exit.

In the next area, you have to jump on several crates to reach a shelf, and then exit through the small window on top of the door.

Kill the infected rats and jump, and then climb the cleaning bucket to call the elevator.

Be careful because in the elevator is a large alien. Kill him and all the infected rats, then go up to activate the button inside the elevator.

When the elevator starts moving, the chapter ends.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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