Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Mighty Foot

The Mighty Foot is the 13th chapter in Duke Nukem Forever and players are able to drive Duke’s Monster Truck.

The game guide below offers information on how to complete The Mighty Foot chapter without being killed.

It is a text step-by-step walkthrough created with the purpose of helping gamers who decide to play Duke Nukem Forever.

In this mission you will start while controlling a turret inside a chopper.

Follow the instructions you receive from the pilot and take out all aliens you see, to clear a landing area.

The turret is equipped with powerful missiles that will help you destroy buildings and vehicles too. Use the explosions in your advantage.

Eventually, you will clear a landing area and you will be able to drive a monster truck, dropped by another helicopter.

Get inside the truck and follow the road until you reach a tunnel. The road signs will guide you all the way.

When you enter the tunnel the first part of the mission will end.

To complete the second part, follow the road signs, and activate the truck’s boost when you are going up on ramps and when there are aliens in front of you.

You will have to jump several ramps, and eventually you will land on a broken bridge. Continue down the bridge and press the boost button to kill as many aliens as you can.

When you run out of gas, get out and take cover, because you will be attacked. Kill the pigcops and use the ammo crates when you run out of ammunition.

A dropship will clear the way from you, and you will be able to move forward on the bridge.

When you reach the end of the bridge you will see a blue house on the right. Enter the house through the roof and pick up the gas canister and other items you find inside.

Return to the truck and drive forward, but make sure you avoid the road holes caused by explosions.

When you reach the end of the bridge, the chapter ends.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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