Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Lady Killer

Duke Nukem Forever: Lady Killer walkthrough is another part in the full step-by-step text guide created exclusively for the fifth chapter of the first person shooter published by 2K Games.

The game guide explains how to complete the Lady Killer chapter, offering additional information about the enemies that must be defeated by Duke Nukem, as well as the weapons and the achievements that can be unlocked by fans of this game.

The Lady Killer chapter is divided in three parts.

Players must complete each part, if they want to advance in the game. The third part includes a small puzzle, featuring a large statue of Duke Nukem.

Our guide explains how to solve this minigame and eventually complete the Lady Killer level.

Exit the tunnel by breaking the ventilation entrance.

You will see a woman asking for your help. Look around and observe the elevator’s brake. Pull the lever to stop the falling elevator. You have to do this several times before the elevator stops.

Enter the elevator and look around. Force the doors to exit.

Eventually you will step into a substance which shrinks Duke. Explore the next room until you find a baggage cart.

Run against it and it will move, clearing your way.

In the next corridor look to the right and you will see a boy and his mom. The boy has an RC car which can help you to move forward.

You can’t get stuck while driving the RC car as long as you follow the ramps. You have to explore each floor and eventually you will reach the bottom floor where you can see a large golden statue.

Use the statue’s legs and back as a ramp, to jump forward. Remember to activate your nitro boost every time you are on a ramp.

When you reach the exit, you will end the first part of this chapter.

In this part you will continue your adventure with the RC car, and you will also be attacked by several aliens.

After you defeat them you will reach a gate, but you have to open it if you want to continue while driving the RC car.

Crouch and enter the room under the gate. Look around and you will see two bodies, and two black bags, to the right, near the roulette table.

Climb and jump on the roulette table, then continue to the left. Jump on the next table, and then to the next chair, until you see a couch, to the left. Jump on it and then on the ledge.

Continue down the ledged and kill the rats that attack you. Open the gate, by pushing the button to the right, then jump down.

Proceed forward driving your RC car, like you did in the first part of this chapter. Take out the aliens attacking you.

To avoid the alien stampede while driving, make sure you stay near the walls. Eventually, your RC car will be destroyed during one of your jumps.

A guard will ask you to lift a gate. First push the baggage cart, near the wall, then get on the couch and jump on it.

Open the gate by pressing the button while standing on the baggage cart, and then move forward through the gate.

Explore the room and pick up the shotgun. Don’t forget to step on the highlighted platform to remove the shrinking effect.

After you pick up the shotgun, get ready to kill some aliens. Defeat them all, and after they kidnap your babes, return to the casino. Kill all the Pigcops and aliens you encounter, and don’t forget to spend some money in the casino, to increase your Ego.

You have to turn back all the way though the casino. In each room you are attacked, but all gates that you must open are highlighted. Interact with all objects to increase your ego even more, and kill as many aliens as you can.

When you reach the exit, this part of the chapter ends.

When you start, follow the corridor. You can’t get stuck here because there are no alternative routes. Just follow the corridor until you reach a chamber with a large statue showing Duke.

You have to use the statue to get access to the next floor. To control the statue, use the highlighted panel.

Makes sure that Duke is pointing his red-dot pistol at the officer on the top floor. Then, command an alien attack and jump on one of the blocks. Wait until the alien attack ends, then use Duke’s right hand to reach his head.

Continue to the left hand (holding the red-dot pistol) and sprint, then jump.

Proceed forward through the door opened by an alien, then through the ventilation system.

When you reach the next room, make sure you destroy the Tripmines, by shooting them.

Continue forward and crouch or jump to avoid more Tripmines.

Use the fire extinguishers to put out the flames. Move down the corridor, until you reach the exit door. Make sure you pick up the tripmines.

Exit through the door and assist the guards on the right to take out the first wave of Pigcops. When they are all dead, place your tripmines near the right side of the statue you see in the center of the room. Go to the bar and pick up the beer can, then get ready for a fight.

A large alien will appear, floating on a platform. If you placed your tripmines near the statue he will land on them. Drink the beer and take him out, but make sure you strafe to avoid his missiles. Clear the room and exit through the door at the end of the large hall.

Talk to General Graves and this chapter will end.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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