Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Forkstop

In Duke Nukem Forever, the 19th chapter is called The Forkstop. This chapter follows the events presented in The Shrunk Machine, but this time Duke Nukem must drive a forklift.

Completing this mission will allow players to advance in the game, and play the next chapter, called The Generator Room.

In the Forkstop chapter, if players manage to kill six Pigcops while driving the forklift, they will unlock an achievement/trophy.

Our Duke Nukem Forever Forkstop walkthrough is a text guide which explains how to complete this level.

This chapter starts when the elevator’s door opens.

Go out and then right.

On your left, is a crate. Smash it and enter the small room where you will see a platform that make Duke big again.

Use the green door to exit.

Go up on the stairs to the left then through the next two doors.

You will reach a control room. Use the panel near the window and you will unlock the large gate.

Exit this area and climb the ladder on the right.

Continue on the roof but watch your steps, when you are near the electricity cables.

Use the next ladder to go down and jump through the hole in the fence.

Kill the Octoaliens and continue forward.

You will have to go left and several pigcops will appear. Take them out quickly and sprint to the turret at the end of the area.

Mount it quickly because you will be attacked by a large number of Octoaliens. After you defeat them, don’t leave the turret because a boss will appear.

Use the same turret to defeat him; however you will notice that he will run.

Exit this area through the large highlighted gate on the left, and you will finish this part of the chapter.

When this part starts, take down the forklift and drive it down the corridors. Make sure you kill at least 6 aliens while driving the forklift and you will unlock the Fork the Pork Achievement/Trophy.

Eventually, you will reach a dead end and you will see another forklift. Use it to get over the fence, then investigate the next area.

Use your Duke Vision to spot a door on the right side of the hall. Enter and follow the stairs up, but don’t forget to explore and interact with all objects you find.

You will reach a control room. Use the highlighted panel to turn on the light and return to the main hall. Be careful because you will be attacked by a large number of Pigcops.

When this area is cleared, activate the platform and use the forklift to jump on it.

Go up to the balcony and then to the elevator. When the elevator starts moving, the chapter is complete.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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