Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Duke Dome

The Duke Dome walkthrough below explains how to complete the seventh chapter in Duke Nukem Forever, the first-person shooter video game available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

This step-by-step guide is part of the full Duke Nukem Forever walkthrough, and offers additional information regarding the weapons, enemies and puzzles that must be solved, by those players who wish to beat the game.

Eventually, the full guide will help players to beat all bosses and help Duke Nukem to save the world.

This chapter starts as soon as Duke enters the sewers.

Move forward and jump when you reach the end of the tunnel.

Enter the tunnel on the right and advance until you reach the exit, and then go left.

Be careful because you can get electrocuted if you don’t jump on the wooden platforms floating on the water.

On your right is another tower but the entrance is in flames. Shoot the hanged body to extinguish the flames, and then enter the tunnel.

Proceed forward but activate your Duke Vision if you can’t see the where to go.

Climb the ladder and you will enter a construction yard.

A Foreman will talk to you and the crane operator will drop a large box. You must hop on it. Use the crates on the right to do that, and then wait until the container starts moving.

The crane will move you around, and pigcops will attack you all the time. Crouch to avoid their bullets and make sure you pick up additional ammo from the crate on the right.

Eventually, the container will fall to the ground.

Take a look around and you will see several wooden crates. Destroy them to clear the way and pick up the Railgun in front of you.

Shoot the locker to open the next gate and move forward.

Clear the yard, and then go to the other side. Look around until you see a red explosive barrel. Shoot it and a container will fall. Use the container as an entrance to the next area.

Look around and you will see a large wagon to the left. Go around it and climb the ladder, then shoot the glass you are standing on. Be careful, because you will be attacked. Stop the alien attackers and use the control panel near the wagon’s door to open to gate.

After the wagon is destroyed, explore the yard and exit through the gate to finish the first part of this chapter.

When this part starts, use the first container as a bridge, and move forward. Make sure you destroy the alien pods.

You will enter another yard with more containers. Observe that one of them has only one door opened. It is located to your left. Go around it and climb the ladder. Shoot the barrels inside the container in front of you and go down.

To move forward you have to solve a small puzzle. You will notice that in the yard, is a brown container, but you can’t jump on it. You have to load that container with several barrels, in order to make it lose its balance. You have to use at least 3 barrels and place them near the blocked doors.

When you’re done, go outside, climb the ladder again, sprint and jump on the brown container, and then on the platforms you see in front of you.

Continue forward until you see a large crane on your right. Get near it, and you will notice that you need a battery to operate the crane. The battery is located across the road, inside a hut for workers, up on the steel platforms, to the right.

To get there, you must use the crane’s arm as a bridge.

Be careful not to fall, because you will die. You also have to jump several times and after you get the battery get down to the ground and take cover because you will be attacked by a battleship.

Use the RPG to take it down, and if you run out of ammo, check the red truck, on the other side of the yard.

After the ship is destroyed, take the battery back to the crane and operate the machinery. Hit the building on the left several times until the ball used by the crane is destroyed.

Place the crane’s arm near the hole you just created and then climb up and enter the building.

Open the door and you will finish this chapter.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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