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Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Clarifier

The Clarifier is the 21th. chapter in Duke Nukem Forever. Just like the previous level, called UndergroundThe Clarifier features two parts.

In the first part, players will have to solve a puzzle (enigma) if they want to advance in the game.

This puzzle, involves a crane, and the game guide below explains how to complete it.

Our Duke Nukem Forever: Clarifier walkthrough also offers information regarding the second part of the level, and about the enemies encountered by players.

When this chapter starts, go downstairs and follow the corridors.

Several Pigcops will attack you, so be prepared.

You will enter a large room filled with tentacles and alien pods.

After you pick the ammo you find, and the weapons, use the small door for authorized personnel only.

Go left and enter the next office.

Explore it and when you are ready to proceed destroy the crates, to clear the way.

Kill the Pigcops and the enforcers, and then push the platform near the chamber’s walls. Climb the ladder of the platform and continue.

Enter the office using the window on the roof, and exit through the door. Go downstairs.

Clear the room and you will notice that several aliens will bring a mobile platform.

Here you must solve a little puzzle. The only way out is the crane’s arm, but to use it, you must load the crane.

Look around and you will see some blue barrels. You need five barrels in the crane, to keep its arm down.

Use the mobile platform to get access to more barrels which can be found in the upper sections of the room.

Keep in mind that you will be attacked while trying to leave this area. Make sure you are prepared.

After you load the crane, use the platforms on the right to jump on the crane’s arm, then move forward until you are able to jump to the exit.

When you enter the tunnel, the first part of this chapter ends.

Go downstairs and an explosive will open the gate for you.

In the next chamber you will be attacked by a large number of small aliens. Destroy their pods then use the jumping platform on the right to get to one of the platforms in the middle.

From there, after you kill more aliens, jump down and use the ladder you see on the platform to the right. Climb and use the tentacle to get to the other side.

Enter the ventilation system and follow the tunnel until you reach a large chamber.

Get down and use the floating platforms to reach the other side of the chamber.

Follow the stairs up and look to your left. Use the red pipes to get across and after you talk to the worker, use the stairs to get down.

There is a highlighted control panel there. Use it but, be careful because you will attacked by several Octabrains.

After you kill them, move the platform again until it stops.

Cross the bridge and use the control panel in the room ahead, to stop the electricity.

Jump in the water and dive. Look for a valve and switch it.

You will gain access to a tunnel. Proceed, and the chapter will end.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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