Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Queen Bitch

Queen Bitch is a chapter featured in Duke Nukem Forever, the first-person shooter developed by Gearbox Software. This level includes a boss fight against the Alien Queen, and the game guide below, reveals how to defeat her without dying.

Players who mange to defeat the Alien Queen, will be able to advance in the game and to unlock an achievement/trophy.

Our Duke Nukem Forever: Queen Bitch walkthrough also offers information on how to reach this boss, and what weapons to use against it.

When this chapter starts, you have to exit the hive.

Move through the tunnel and jump when you reach its end.

You will enter a room and to the right you can observe another entrance. To the left is a tunnel.

Explore both rooms and pick up the explosives which can be found in the first room, to the right.

To exit this area, go to the first room and look again at the tunnel on the left side.

You have to throw an explosive directly on the jumping platform inside the tunnel. Wait several seconds and detonate the explosive.

Repeat the step until the barrels outside explode.

If you run out of explosives, go back to the second room and pick up more.

Follow the stairs in front of you and get ready to fight the Alien Queen Boss.

To defeat the Alien Queen, you have to use explosives. Look to the right and you will see  two jumping platforms. Throw an explosive on the first platform and it will jump on the second, then near the Alien Queen. When it’s near the boss detonate it.

You can also use the RPG to inflict additional damage, but when the queen hides her head, you have to use explosives again.

There are is an ammo crate and some explosives near you. Make sure you pick them up when you run out.

From time to time, the queen will send aliens to attack you. Place some trip mines on the ground, to get additional protection, and then continue your attacks.

During this fight, there is a spot which offers protection. It’s on the right side, near the RPG. Don’t go up on the platforms, stay at the bottom, in the corner. This spot is useful when you want to regenerate your Ego.

After you defeat the Alien Queen, make sure you go near her and press the buttons that appear on your screen.

Defeating the Alien Queen will unlock the Not Bad for a Human Achievement/Trophy.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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