Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Ghost Town

The Duke Nukem Forever: Ghost Town walkthrough is the 14th part in our full text guide created in order to help Duke Nukem Forever players and fans.

This chapter continues your driving experience started in the previous mission.

Following the road signs is the best way to complete this chapter; however you will arrive in one area similar to a small town, where the Pigcops come from underground.

Remember that you can kill them while driving, or you can get out of the Monster truck and shoot them.

After this area is cleared, you have to look around until you see the roof of a building.

Use it as a ramp and don’t forget to use your boost button while jumping.

Proceed following the road and you will enter a large town, called the Ghost Town.

Your truck will run out of gas again. The canister is located in the large building you see on the other side of the town, but you can’t get there because there is a vast number of aliens and Pigcops waiting for you.

Take your time and clear each house, because you will find more ammo, weapons and other useful items.

When you are close to the large building, make sure you are ready to fight against a large floating alien.

Take cover inside a house and kill him; then enter the large building. As you can see this is a barn.

To get to the canisters, you must operate a platform which allows you to jump to the other side of the barn. When you get there, climb the ladder and operate the second mechanism to lower a ladder.

Go back to the first mechanism and move the platform again, then back on the ladder you lowered, to the other side of the barn. Jump to the platform you moved and pick up the canisters.

After you get the canisters, return to the truck, but be careful, because you will be attacked.

Drive the truck on the ramp, behind the building where you found the canister.

After you jump, the chapter ends.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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