Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Damn! It’s Late…

Damn! It’s Late… is the second mission in Duke Nukem Forever, and our walkthrough below explains how to complete it.

The Damn! It’s Late… walkthrough is a step-by-step guide which offers additional information about the route that must be followed by Duke Nukem Forever players who wish to advance in the game.

The second chapter in Duke Nukem Forever is called Damn! It’s Late…

Exit the elevator and go forward. A security guard will open the door for you. Follow the corridor and take a look to your right.

You will see three machines. Use the food machine to get several snacks. Do this 10 times and eat the food. You will unlock the Noms Trophy/Achievement.

Follow the corridor on the left and then go right.

Continue down the corridor until you reach the stage doors.

Enter the stage and a small kid will ask for your autograph.

Sign the kid’s book and get on the stage.

Exit the stage, and proceed until you see two men arguing.

Beat the one that is wearing a black jacket and you will unlock the Nobody Likes a Whiner Achievement/Trophy.

Follow the stairs on the left, and continue down the corridors. Make sure you investigate each room and interact with all objects.

To exit this area, make sure you follow the green Exit signs.

Eventually,you will reach a large chamber, and in the center you will see a statue showing a naked woman standing on Duke’s logo.

Use the elevator behind the statue.

When the elevator reaches the top floor, look around and you will see a small highlighted box. Press X twice and follow the stairs up.

Open the next door and follow the right corridor and then the stairs on the left.

You entered Duke’s trophy room, and there is a throne inside, but a kid sits on it.

The boy will ask for a picture while standing on a throne.

Use the panel on the right to take the picture and then sit on the throne.

Watch the cutscene.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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